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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Humor / 10 Inspiring Things that Every Woman Should Start Telling Herself

10 Inspiring Things that Every Woman Should Start Telling Herself

[su_quote]This world is nothing but a stage where we live a comprehensive life, playing multifaceted roles! The daughter is different from a mother and the mother is completely unlike a wife. Keeping compassion over passion, cooperation over competition and ‘us’ over ‘me’ is always accepted from a woman. Why do we have to carry the burden of somebody else’s expectations?[/su_quote]

While contributing our best in assembling lives and families, somewhere down the line, we women forget to appreciate ourselves! You might be too busy in making a dream home and as a woman, you are also ready to compromise with your profession, but still they think there is nothing ‘extraordinary’ in your effort. It’s high time when we all have to start accepting ourselves as individuals who have feelings and thoughts! It is okay to be submissive, quiet and sincere only if it is equally respected with the idea of being bold and opinionated. Let’s celebrate the ‘me’ fact with these 10 beautiful facts:

I am the ‘Source’ of my own Happiness:

picture 1

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Start appreciating your effort- no matter how small or big they are! Nothing just happens out of luck if there is no sincere effort behind it. It is wonderful if you are in love with your family and friends but above all; do have that sense of self-appreciation and regards for yourself.

That I am in Love with my flaws!

pic 2
Perfection is nothing but a myth, and thus it is important to accept ourselves with all the shortcomings of our personality. Love the way you are- Lord God has just created your ‘one version’ and that is you. No duplicity and absolute uniqueness!

That I will disconnect all the ‘Negativity’ that comes in my way!

pic 3
Cut yourself from all the negativity that comes your way! Don’t carry the burden of somebody else’s opinion and judgment in your back. Look for positive energy because this is what will enhance your inner charm and grace.

Say this often ‘I am the Hero of My life’

pic 4

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At several moments in life, you have to gather yourself (even though you are broken down into many minute pieces). Since you are there to influence the life of your family in the most amazing manner, declare yourself as the hero of the house. Pat your back ladies!

Say ‘I am not going to Tolerate’

pic 5
Stop taking tolerance as a reward and raise your voice against anything that is humiliating! This is one promise that you have to make and keep for the wellbeing of your own self.

Say ‘I respect Myself’

pic 6
Don’t wait for the validation as nothing can certify your charm! Start respecting yourself for all the struggles that you have seen in your life. Start respecting yourself for your decisions, beliefs and practices as an individual.

Tell yourself that you are ‘ready to follow your heart and dreams’

No matter how disdains or irrational your dreams might be, say yes to them and start following your heart. You will only get one life in your lifetime, so try living it at fullest. Remember, one day when you will wake up being successful, you will love yourself more and often.

Say I will learn to say a ‘Happy No’

pic 8

Stop cribbing yourself with the overt burden of submissiveness! Accept the fact that you cannot keep everyone happy and thus saying ‘no’ should not be a big issue. It is rather healthy for your mind!

Say ‘I will stand by my decisions and choices’

pic 9

Invest your time and effort in self construction! It is needless to repent a loss later when the effort was partial or missing before. This is indeed the best way to get clarity on your thoughts and decisions.

Say I am beautiful because I think beautiful- My beauty is in my power to be happy!

pic 10
Your beauty is not mere skin deep- it goes beyond the limitations of outer grace and is filled with the virtues of inner charm! Say often and say loud- Yes I am beautiful because my thoughts, decisions and acceptance are gorgeous.

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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