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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 10 Reasons that makes Yoga a better Workout Regime than the Gym

10 Reasons that makes Yoga a better Workout Regime than the Gym

The decision of choosing a fitness regime is always confusing, especially when you want to ensure all the benefits in your schedule! In fact, the battle of thought in-between the selection of Yoga and Gyming is also not ancient. The ‘Gyming culture’ is relatively new and in comparison to that, Yoga earns the credit of being ancient. The constant debate that favors Yoga over the gym suggests several benefits of yoga. Let’s have a quick look at the 10 reasons that justifies yoga as a better fitness art:


Body, Mind and Soul- Yoga is an Overall Delight:

Unlike Gyming that completely focuses on the wellness of body, Yoga is a fitness delight that tones up the body, brings the mind into peace, and creates the constructive ambiance of positive energy. It rejuvenates the soul with the encouraging bliss of optimism.

Yoga and the Internal/External benefits:

Twisting, stretching, folding and expanding body during the yoga practice is considerably good for the body organs (digestive and circulatory system in particular). Not only this, but Yoga is also said to be the best practice for detoxication of the body. Unlike gym workout that mostly focuses on muscle strengthening and cardio boost, Yoga strives for an overall wellbeing.

Yoga teaches the ‘Art of Acceptance’:

Walking on the path of self-acceptance, Yoga is a craft that accepts a person in whatsoever way they are! There is no exaggeration for having a ‘perfect’ body, and the best idea is to work on individualistic strengths and weaknesses.

Yoga helps in preparing a ‘Leaner’ body:

Since yoga is the best practice of exercise for muscle stretching, it helps a person is gaining a leaner appearance. You can equate this practice with anything as heavy as artificial weights used in gyms. Yoga is the best natural way for making your body leaner.

Yoga is not bounded by the limitation of ‘Space’:

Want to perform yoga asana at home? Or how about doing yoga in your garden? The fact that yoga is not bounded by the limitation of ‘Space’ is true. Unlike the gym, yoga practice doesn’t require a dedicated studio. Contrary to this, Gyming requires more equipment and space.

Yoga brings body at ease:

Yoga brings body at ease
Yoga as a practice is intense but not as aggressive as Gyming. It is indeed the best way to stretch, build heat, and create good body posture in your body. Reduce the chances of injuries in a fitness workout with the help of Yoga.

Controls the body ache and pains:

Controls the body ache and pains
A body in pain cannot handle a gym workout. What worse? It will degrade the pain to a more pathetic manner! In comparison to this, yoga has a subtle impression in stretching and the opening of muscles. Since yoga makes the body more flexible and lubricates the muscles, it is suggested as a practice. Gyming on the other hand could lead to soreness and injuries.

Yoga complements the breathing process:

Breathing process
Generally, when people are in stress, the breathing process is badly affected and without deep breathing, it is difficult to think and act clear. Yoga denotes to the art of concentration, and it is best attained when there is a subtle focus in the breathing process.

Yoga is in love with ‘Peace’ and ‘Calmness’:

‘Peace’ and ‘Calmness’
As yoga reduces the chances of stress, it clearly strives for a calm and relaxed approach. You don’t have to deal with weights, no clenching of teeth, no weariness, or unwanted soreness! Yoga is by far the best way to release the tension of body and mind.

Yoga is not ‘Age’ bounded:

‘Age’ bounded
Unlike Gyming, yoga doesn’t come with an age limitation. A person at any age can perform this art. As yoga improves the power to concentrate, it is highly recommended for people at any age.

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