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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / 10 Ways of Expressing Love Every Day without the Help of Words

10 Ways of Expressing Love Every Day without the Help of Words

To love is to express- to express your deepest emotions, your heartfelt love and your meanest secrets! But more than the language of words, love is about the gesture that one lover shows to the other. So if the trouble with you is related to dearth of words that it’s okay to ditch them- and it is okay only if your love expression is well-versed with the language of gestures.

Your poor communication skills can discourage the idea of love in your partner. Nevertheless, you can always use these 10 ways to help expressing your love through daily gestures and habits.

  1. Touch them often:


The skin-to-skin contact is good for the element of believability- it induces trust in a relationship. Just like the language of words and gesture, there is a language of touch. The kiss of love, a gentle hug or simply holding of hands is an expression of powerful love.

  1. Discuss your future with them:


Future for all of us is like a dream? So do you see your partner in your dreams? If yes, then tell them about your future plans and show the place they hold in your prospective future. Your home, your family and your kids- discuss everything in between.

  1. Welcome them with a smile- smile often but don’t laugh:


Allow us to tell the different! So basically a person smiles in two different ways- one type of smile is for everyone (the meeting and greeting types) and the other type of smile is for the special one. If you are in love with someone, you might know the difference quite obviously.

  1. Stand next to them in the hour of need:


In the hour of need i.e. when they are sad or upset over a situation, stand next to them to lend your best support. Counter all the insecurities that the person has and adopt it in a way that it looks like your own problem.

  1. Even if the time is odd, make room for them:

Happy relaxed attractive man and woman lying on their backs head to head on a white carpet smiling up at the camera

Your availability to them should not be confined to a few limited hours. Be their 3 AM friend and even go to the extent of canceling your last minute programs if they need you. To love is to care!

  1. Avoid material entanglements when you are with them:


So when she is busy talking to you, are you over the phone? Or an e-commerce shopping site is more interesting than him? Avoid all material entanglements when you are with your partner- that’s the best day to show love these days.

  1. Discuss your partner with your loved ones- tell them how lucky you are to have them as:


Reflecting your partner’s presence in your conversations is the most beautiful way of counting them in your life. There is nothing like public display of affections (PDA’s) even if it is, then displaying love is much better than showing anger and wrath.

  1. Go out of obviousness for being with them:


When it comes to love, you need to make some bold actions and plans and all these plans have to be much more than obvious. Make sure that your significant half is not bored with the plans. Give them the onus of enjoying your ideas.

  1. Care about your partner’s career:


Take pride in what your partner does! By respecting their profession, you are respecting the years of hard work that they have put in to making themselves independent.

  1. Trust them- as much as you love them:


It is not a condition but a necessity. Just like the feeling of love or to be loved, the urge of ‘trust’ and ‘respect’ is natural in human beings. We all like being trusted and the one who breaks the bond of trust, is the ultimate failure. The one who lends trust in a relationship is always a winner. Be the winner!

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Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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