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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Latest posts / 11-Year Old Boy Shoots Dead an 8-Year Old Girl Out of Pure Hatred

11-Year Old Boy Shoots Dead an 8-Year Old Girl Out of Pure Hatred

While the US was still coping itself with the recent tragic incident of a gunman firing on innocent civilians, a new similar incident has come in light which shows that gun violence is simply getting worse in the country. We all have heard of numerous incidents where an adult pulled the trigger of a shotgun and killed somebody, but rarely do we come across a piece of news where an 11-year old boy pulled the trigger and shot dead an 8-year old girl out of hatred. The reason? The girl didn’t let him see her puppy.

This shocking incident has shocked everyone around the world. At a tender age of 11, where kids should be playing and learning the various important things of the world, this boy just ruined a couple of lives along with his out of pure hatred. This is a clear indication of the level of temperament which can rise in kids if they are not nurtured in a good manner. Our parenting skills dictate the future of our kids and in this case, the suffering has just started for both the families.


The girl’s mother also told that the boy was bullying her daughter since the time they moved in the neighbourhood. The girl’s mother is since heartbroken after losing her precious child to such a ghastly incident. This incident was witnessed by their neighbour’s daughter who told that the 8-year old girl who was lost in this incident could make you laugh no matter how bad your mood was.


This incident has once again sparked the debate of gun control in US while putting a big question mark in front of the upbringing skills of the parents.

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