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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 9 Hours of Sleep and Long Sitting Hours can Kill You Quite Early, Says Researchers

9 Hours of Sleep and Long Sitting Hours can Kill You Quite Early, Says Researchers

Curse the lifestyle that we have started following in today’s time! The inability to move or commute during work  that eventually becomes a part of our working lifestyle, and then followed by nine hours of deep sleep can kill a person quite early in his/her life tenure. It is what the research has to say!

A lazy lifestyle can send you to grave- quite early to be in the dead bed! If the researchers for Sydney are to believe, then people who prefer sleeping for more than 9 hours a day and have a ‘relaxed’ sitting job, are likely to develop the chances of early death. According to Sax Institute, a non-profitable organization, the cause of physical inactivity can be hazardous and threatening for your lifecycle. For that matter, unhealthy lifestyle could easily bring unnatural death. The study has clearly equated too much sitting (with a ‘fully-fledged’ seven hours of sleeping) as hazardous.

What the study has to say!

Too much sleeping and sitting creates ‘triple whammy’ effect in your body. Just like unhealthy eating patterns, taking drugs and having unfavorable drinking habits are injurious to health, similarly, too much sleeping is regardless for the efficiency of human body. The organization conducted the study while testing 230,000 participants in the ’45 and Up Study’, and listed the various demeaning effects of unhealthy lifestyle. So what exactly is to be done for avoid such circumstances in your daily lifestyle? Have a look at the 10 best tips that can help you in the most amazing manner!

  • Take quick breaks in between your routine and prefer a walking for all the odd jobs.

People walking urban.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart

  • Avoid sitting for too long, stand up from your seat, and exercise a bit (a bit of stretching, moving and twisting can easily help the purpose).

Businessman sitting with laptop in blue office


  • Walk during your lunch breaks. Utilize your free time in an effective cum healthy manner.


  • For tea breaks, stay healthy with green or organic tea. Avoid too much of sugar intake.



  • Adopt certain healthy habits- for instance, taking stairs than elevators, lifts and so on.


  • Trying waking up early in the morning.


  • Consume ample of water throughout your day.


  • Schedule hours of sleeping, and keep it somewhere in between 7 to 8 hours.


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