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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 17 Unhealthy Reasons to Avoid Stress Now!

17 Unhealthy Reasons to Avoid Stress Now!

Stress is not lonely- it comes with the 17 major signs of health complications. Beware and be careful!

No matter you know it or not, your body will still react under the influence of stress. The physical, mental and emotional stress that a person faces is much deeper than it appears to be. The turmoil is not friendly- it is rather traumatizing. A bit of a stress in life is still acceptable, only if it doesn’t cross the boundaries of peace. So do you know how it is going to affect your healthy conscience? Read it!

  1. Memory Loss:


If a person is suffering from chronic stress, it could lead to the damage of ‘glutamate receptors’ i.e. making a person mentally impair. Yes- stress can also cause memory loss.

  1. Unhealthy for the Heart:

More cases of heart attacks have been reported for those who are suffering the early signs of stress and depression. As per a study, about 20,000 employees suggested that the job they are doing is not satisfactory or ‘fit’ for their mental harmony.

  1. Sleep Deprive or Insomnia:


Stress won’t let you sleep- it will land your mind amidst the fog of uncertain thoughts. According to a recent survey, people who are unsatisfied with their working conditions are likely to develop a sleep disorder for a lifetime.

  1. Respiratory Disorder:

Chronic stress leads to the higher chances of discovering asthma in the lifetime. And not just asthma, it is certain that a person who is facing unwanted stress finds it difficult to breath.

  1. The Hair Loss:


Hair loss is the most common sight in stress! Degrading the quality of your hairs, different stress levels have a significant effect on the scalp and texture.

  1. Severe Headaches:


It is certain that the mind is unable to bear the burden of distress and depression. Stress, being interrelated with both the phenomena, has a direct effect of the series of headaches.

  1. Acne and Black Spots:


A Singaporean research has proved that people who suffer stress are likely to develop more acne and black spots (especially kids during exam time). During stress, Acne is more common among men than women.

  1. Uneasy Digestion:

Disturbing the sound balance of microorganisms in our guts, stress can become the most potent reason for a number of digestive diseases.

  1. Uncertain Food Cravings:


Stress increases the sweet food craving, adding more calories and releasing CRF hormones in your body. It means a person suffering from stress would have more uncertain food cravings.

  1. Passive Sex Drive:

Stress can reduce the sexual drive, appeal, and instinct in a human mind and soul. As per the researchers, it prevents a person in getting aroused.

  1. Accumulating Belly fat:

The elevated cortisol level in the human body that leads to excessive fat in the abdominal region results due to over stress. It is more certain with women than men!

  1. Backache:


Not just the cortisol levels, but chronic stress is also related to higher cases of a backache. It is the reason most of the patients suffering from a backache choose stress management as a healthy discipline.

  1. Higher Blood Pressure:


Apart from the obvious chances of heart diseases, chronic stress is also the root cause for higher blood pressure. After all, a mind that is not in peace cannot help the effective body functioning.

  1. Diabetes:


The impulsive flow of adrenaline and cortisol hormones is harmful as it raises the blood sugar level. According to a study, more than 45 percent of men who were facing stressful situations are more likely to develop type II Diabetes.

  1. Early Signs of Aging:


Affecting the length of telomere, chronic stress can cause premature aging. It might wrinkle the skin due to unnecessary thinking.

  1. Weak Immune System:

Stress can weaken the immunity of a sufferer, making the person more prone to diseases and severe disorders.

  1. Adrenal Fatigue:

As we have said that stress can directly influence the hormonal flow, it is potent that stress can also disturb the sex hormonal level. It can impair a human body’s capacity to produce stress hormones. Leading to fatigue, the practice can adversely affect a person’s ability to deal with stress.

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