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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Entertainment / 3 Important Tips for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday

3 Important Tips for Your Baby’s 1st Birthday

Giving birth to a baby is a phenomenal experience. People say it’s a bundle of joy and that can be rightly said. The first year is full of surprises. You learn a trunk load of new things about the baby and his/her habits or preferences. For the parents, it’s definitely not an easy time; however, we all do our duties more than happily for that one glowing smile of the toddler. However, with the first year nearing to completion, parents need to think about their darling’s first birthday as well.

So, in order to ensure that everything happens just the way you want, here are some useful tips for parents:

Plan the duration –

It’s always a good idea to plan a party that only lasts an hour or an hour-and-half because babies tend to have short attention spans. Moreover, they lose energy and interest quickly and so it is better to party when the baby is not tired.

Limit the invites –

Scale back your guest list so as to avoid overwhelming your baby. More number of invites will only push your party out of the time frame you have thought and will also tend to be more costly.

Ask for help –

Do not feel shy if you are considering of hiring a babysitter or if you feel like asking a family member so that they can take care of your little one while you juggle with your hosting duties while enjoying the big day.


The first birthday of the child is a memorable one. One simply cannot ignore the fact that it is essentially the most important birthday than many more to come in the coming years. So, make sure you plan it in the best possible way.

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Vibhor has an ample amount of experience in writing on everyday life. Creating magic with words for topics related to emotions and relationships is his favourite pass time. He likes to read, write, blog and learn about new things around him and finds writing in 3rd person like this extremely awkward.

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