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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / 3 PPC Mistakes Every Advertiser is Bound to Mak

3 PPC Mistakes Every Advertiser is Bound to Mak

An ideal PPC campaign should be one that can help you draw potential customers towards your website. PPC tools like Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing along with others can help you, as a business owner, to display ads on search results pages in their sponsored section. However, if not handled correctly, your PPC campaign can go haywire eventually fetching you disastrous results.

Hence, the importance of an accurately designed PPC campaign should never be ignored. If you are new to PPC advertising and want the best bang for your buck when it comes to PPC, you can always follow the given golden rules of PPC marketing:

Sending visitors to an incorrect page – If you are running a PPC ad for a keyword that is actually a product which your website sells, the correct approach would be to link your ad to the product page so that the buyer can get an inch closer to the buying process. Sending the visitor to an incorrect page or even your site’s home page can make him/her lose interest and eventually would lead you to lose business.

Force feeding info to your visitors – Quite often it is seen that businesses send PPC generated visitors to the company’s contact page on their website so that these visitors subscribe to your site’s newsletters or complete some sort of lead generation form submission. However, this entire process can prove to be a frustrating experience for the visitors since all that info isn’t really of any use to them. Therefore, one should always refrain from force feeding info to your visitors as it simply hurts the chances of selling something.

Ignoring split-testing of your ad’s text – Effective PPC results are always churned out when one follows a proper test procedure for his/her PPC ads. Leading businesses have always given a special importance to split-testing for their PPC campaigns. According to them, creating various different versions of an ad’s text can help you realise which group of words are leading to more clicks and conversions.
Creating an effective and useful PPC campaign can give a tremendous boost to your business; however, failing to do so can create mammoth-sized problems. Thus, tread carefully with your customized PPC campaign and make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

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