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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 3 Useful Tips to Get Past the Initial Days of Quitting Tobacco

3 Useful Tips to Get Past the Initial Days of Quitting Tobacco

We all know about the harmful effects of tobacco on our health. Not only is it addictive, but it also leads to various respiratory problems including lung cancer. The bottom line is one should quit smoking as soon as possible.

However, it’s much more difficult to do than to say. So, here are some useful tips to help you get past the first few days of your “No Smoking” campaign:

1. Sip cold water and have small meals – It’s a commonly known fact that sipping cold water with the help of a straw can help the smokers get past their habit of sucking on cigarettes. Apart from that, it also gives-out dopamine which is a feel-good brain chemical that easily helps to ease-out bad moods. On the other hand, having small meals have also been found to help immensely.

2. Jot down your instant rewards – Those who have got past the urge of smoking for the few initial days should start noting the little rewards that they receive after giving-up on smoking. These rewards can either be monetary or related to your senses of smelling and tasting and should be remembered whenever the urge of smoking is trying to get you.

3. Feed your mouth something else – Recent studies have also confirmed that the urge of smoking can also be reduced by feeding on alternatives rather than cigarettes like; a sugar-free gum, a hard candy or some sort of healthy snack.

Giving up on smoking is a tough row to hoe. However, always try to remember the reasons behind your decision of quitting. It could be related to your family or your professional life. So, go forth and quit.

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