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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Entertainment / 4 Golden Rules to Help You Overpower Your Emotions

4 Golden Rules to Help You Overpower Your Emotions

We humans are driven by emotions daily and sometimes our emotions end up dictating our thoughts and actions with a much superior authority than our rational minds. At that time, we just end-up acting on our emotions way too quickly and often make decisions which we later regret in life. Hence, it’s extremely important to control your emotions.

But how can one accomplish this hard task? By following these four steps:

Stop reacting right away –


Reacting way too immediately because of emotional triggers can often turn out to be a big mistake. Instead, take one deep breath and try to stabilize your overwhelming impulse while breathing deeply for five minutes.

Ask for divine help –

Faith is the best of the saviours in the darkest of the moments. Irrespective of which religion you belong to, developing a healthy relation with the All Mighty will definitely help you get over your obstacles more easily.

Find a healthy outlet –

After managing your emotions, one will need to release them in a healthy way. Experts believe emotions should never ever be bottled. So, call someone and go meet them to know what’s happening around the world.

Swap your thoughts –

Keeping the negative emotions within yourself will only make things worse. Instead, swap them out with positive emotions and a different thought. This way you will end up detoxifying your body from all the bad emotions.
It is very important to avoid acting while experiencing an emotional upsurge. Practising these few simple steps will calm your uneasy mind and bring you to peace when you need it the most.

About Vibhor mathur

Vibhor has an ample amount of experience in writing on everyday life. Creating magic with words for topics related to emotions and relationships is his favourite pass time. He likes to read, write, blog and learn about new things around him and finds writing in 3rd person like this extremely awkward.

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