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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Latest posts / 4 Great Tips to Help You Rebrand Your Business Without Shredding Your SEO

4 Great Tips to Help You Rebrand Your Business Without Shredding Your SEO

Rebranding the company can be a mammoth task. Most companies do it for creating a brand that’s easily recognisable and relatable. Undoubtedly, end results can be sweet if the entire process is handled carefully. However, often business owners refrain from rebranding because they fear of losing the lead that they’ve achieved in their SEO campaigns once they forge a new brand.

However, things aren’t the same anymore like they used to be a few years ago and therefore if you are looking for a complete makeover by getting a new name, a new logo and a new domain, the following advice can be of great use.

Handle the preliminaries first – Your first and foremost step in order to retain your SEO success should be to add and verify both your sites on Google Webmaster Tools and then take benefit of its “Change of Address” feature. You will also need to confirm various other parameters like administration access on Google Analytics, your hosting and registration facility. You will also need to block your old site from search engines though you can keep it alive and functional so as to avoid duplicate content issues.

Take time out to yardstick your crucial KPIs – Benchmarking your important KPIs during a rebranding is extremely essential. For that, you can break down your traffic source, search through your important keyword rankings, create a list of your precious backlinks and record the citations mentioned on the pages.

Start redirecting your visitors – Once you are done with the initial steps, the fun part follows which is to bring aboard your visitors to the new site. So, as to enrich your user experience and keep the search engines by your side, you’ll have to redirect every page of your old site to a relevant page on your new site. This will eventually prove to be the first point of contact for your visitors with your new site.

Update your Google tools – Successful completion of redirects and deployment of your new site should then be followed by an update of your Google tools. This will eventually help the search engines realise that you are actually shifting your site to a new address. This will then be followed by some verification steps after which you are all set to go.
What’s important is that even after completion of these steps, one can come across a dip in their traffic for some time. This is because during this time, your updates are indexed by search engines as a result of which you might not be able to get the right amount of visitors. However, after a month or two, you can definitely see them coming back. Rebranding your company can be a great move and following the above steps to retain your SEO lead can just make the entire deal sweeter.

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