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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Videos / 5 Great Tips for Optimizing the Design of Your Landing Page

5 Great Tips for Optimizing the Design of Your Landing Page

It is a known fact that by hosting fully optimized landing pages on your website can help you generate a great number of qualified leads and can eventually help you increase your sales. Optimization of your landing page can simply increase the conversions exponentially and bring more leads for your business and eventually more  ROI for all that you’ve spent on your site.

The design of your site’s landing page plays a humungous role since it the prime page that your visitors see when they visit you. So, if you make it easy for your visitors to find the info that they might need, then it is quite obvious that they will return. So, following are some design centric tips for landing pages that must be followed to optimize your landing page’s design:

Easy navigation – It is always a good idea to keep your page as free as possible from too much of information. Large number of images and unwanted clutter can make the site look confusing and difficult to navigate for those who arrive on it for the first time. Also try to avoid conversion drop offs since it makes easy for visitors to figure out why they came on this page.

Use bullet points – It is important for you to understand that a lot of people who tend to visit your website skip most of the content and simply scan the most essential info. If you are able to provide them that in the most hassle-free and clean way, then they are going to be yours forever and for that there is no better thing than to use bullet points since it can provide the most relevant and precise info in the cleanest way possible.

Keep it clean – Nobody likes to see graffiti of info painted in front of him/her when they land on a website. Instead, people are more attracted to clean and whitespace designs which instantly attract them to the offers you have to share, the benefits of your services and the call-to-action you wish your visitors to choose. Leaving empty spaces on your landing page can surely increase conversions.

Use HQ images – Images, we all know, can convey a thousand words and it is said that this statement turns out to be particularly true online. Images happen to be the most liked and shared content on the social media websites. They are extremely effective for those lead-generating landing pages of your website too. However, you must remember to use high quality (HQ) images because customers only get attracted to brands that look good and surreal.

The 5 second rule – Yes, the famous ‘5 second rule’ applies on landing pages of your website too. According to this rule, you have only 5 seconds for attracting visitor. A visitor who feels attracted to your site will definitely return again for your services. If your page, however, lacks that charm and appeal your prospect will probably flock to your competitor.

These design oriented tips for landing pages can do a huge amount of good for your site, however, what’s important is that you apply these tips thoroughly.

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