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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Entertainment / 5 Innovative Diwali Gift Items that You Cannot Afford To Miss in 2015

5 Innovative Diwali Gift Items that You Cannot Afford To Miss in 2015

Just one more week to go and Diwali will be on the board! As the first mark of festive celebrations in India, we all know that how celebrated and eminent Diwali is. Being right there around all the yummilicious sweets, dried nuts, sparkles and music, every heart glitters and shines in the disposition of pleasure. We celebrate Diwali every year for similar reasons, but that doesn’t make it boring. All because Diwali is more or less embraced with the wonder delight of gifts and little luxuries.
How about making your Diwali utter special with the fine retreat of 5 most innovative gift items? Have a look at all the unique ideas:

1. Going back to the roots…Gifting Theatre Tickets of Stage Shows!


Enough of all the traditional gifts that you are willing to give! How about choose a stage show– some real drama, fearless performers and intrigue plot? A theatre drama is nothing but a sureshot entertainment treat that can make your day. And why just theatre tickets, you can indeed gift any form of tickets to your friends this Diwali. From movie tickets to fair shows, choose anything to please your friends.

2. Chocolate Brownie or cupcakes:


So you want to make this Diwali sweet and sugary! Okay, how about gifting the delicious delight of chocolate brownie and cupcakes. We are sure the kids in the family are going to love this. Mind it; your gift won’t be boring or outdated.

3. Rejuvenate with Spa


Enough of the attention that we have given to the food items! Why not looking on the brighter side of life- like revitalizing life with the comfortable gift of spa passes? So that after all the stress and tiredness of festive season, your friends could sip the mirth of comfort and peace.

4. Customized Basket of Personal Goods:

shutterstock_221596612 (1)

A personal diary, name-inscribed pen, collection of favorite novels, slam book, etc. – you can create a customized basket of all the personal goods that are required by a person. Wrap it nicely and prepare a fantastic love basket for your loved ones.

5. Warm hand knitted shawls and mufflers:


Since winters are approaching, it is probably the time when your friends might be thinking to choose some warm alternatives. Give them the fine dose of warmth, tenderness and love wrapped in the kindness of hand-knitted shawls and mufflers. Don’t worry; you can buy some hand knitted shawls from the market. It is quite simple!

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Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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