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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 5 Quick Home Remedies that can help you in Curing Acute Headache

5 Quick Home Remedies that can help you in Curing Acute Headache

Too much dependency on medicines can be harmful. But then, how can we cure a problem? Are you facing difficulty with severe headache? Do you want to limit you dependency on allopathic medicines?

It is often difficult to deal with a headache because the repetitive habit of consuming allopathic medicines is not good for the health. While a person faces a headache situation, the ability to think, comprehend and to take valid decisions is limited. It is when a person switches to some unhealthy means of dealing with headache.But do you know that certain healthy eating habits can give you a quick relief from the bothering headache? And the best part is that you have all those ingredients at your home. For instance, chamomile tea can easily deal with headache and stress. A slight tint of ginger in your tea can keep you warm, relaxed and stress free. Unravel more brilliant ways and home remedies to deal with headache:

  1. Brew the beans:


A Hot cup of coffee or tea can easily solve your purpose as the caffeine content works like a natural painkiller! Boil a cup of water, add a spoon of uncut (or chopped) ginger, again boil the water for a few seconds, add a bit of honey to it, and drink it. Apart from this, brewing the coffee beans can also provide relief from headache.

  1. Hot water fermentation for your feet:

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Dipping feet in a tub of hot water can reverse the blood flow, pulling it towards your feet. Meantime, it will also relieve much of the unnecessary pressure from the blood vessels in a person’s head. Add a tint of mustard oil, turmeric and salt to the water in case you are suffering from acute pain.

  1. Switch to Acupressure:


A soothing head massage using thumb and forefinger, with a bit of oil and water can create the required pressure in your head. Follow some of the simplest acupressure tricks to deal with the headache and get benefited. For best results, keep the massage gentle and directional.

  1. Go for Deep oiling:


From coconut oil to mustard, lavender and peppermint oil, you can use any of the oil to solve the purpose. Peppermint oil can cure tension and severe headache in the simplest manner. Apply lavender oil for relaxation and easy!

  1. Tie your head:


You can either tie your head with a scarf or you can simply use a cap to create the required pressure. The pressure will help the flow of blood in your scalp, causing relieve to the swollen blood vessels. In case you are suffering from headache due to cold, the pressure will also keep you warm.

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