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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Latest posts / 5 Things we all need to understand about Delhi Government’s Odd-Even Vehicle Policy

5 Things we all need to understand about Delhi Government’s Odd-Even Vehicle Policy

The much speculated ‘Odd-Even Vehicle Policy’ initiated by Delhi Government is creating a lot of buzz these days. While much of the controversy is related to the unconventional behavior of the policy, many people out there are skeptical about the intentions of Delhi Government. Is Odd-Even Vehicle Policy a hit or miss?

The unconventional Odd-Even Vehicle Policy initiated by Delhi Government may sound inconvenient to some, and Twitter might also not spare the proactive concern with the prevalent butt of jokes. But the good intentions of Delhi government behind the release of this policy are also undeniable. The Odd-Even Vehicle Policy is not an innovative idea- it is rather a well-tested plan of action successfully initiated by many developed nations. No matter how confusing and misunderstood the concept might be, it is vital to unravel the salient feature of this policy. Let’s give a thought about theOdd-Even Vehicle Policy in detail!

  1. Odd-Even Vehicle Policy is a temporary phase:

Image Source

The Delhi Government is currently planning to impose the policy for just a few days. With a testing phase of 10-15 days, the Government will take a review of the policy. If the policy will be deemed convenient by the citizens of Delhi, then the Government will further take the decision to implement it. The chances of completely scrapping the policy are also there.

  1. Odd-Even Vehicle Policy is a well-tested plan followed by many developed countries:

Beijing (said to be the busiest city of the world) has implemented the Odd-Even Vehicle Policy in the past. The idea to use this concept is driven with the motive to curb traffic and air pollution. Odd-Even Vehicle Policy has successfully worked in Sao Paulo. Similar policies when implemented in developed countries like Australia, the US and New Zealand has controlled the pollution level within just a few days.

  1. TheOdd-Even Vehicle Policy outcomes with Beijing are fantastic:

Image Source

As per the researches, 90 percent of citizens in Beijing didn’t found the restriction disturbing or inconvenient. With 73.2 percent average level drop in the PM (particulate matter), the Odd-Even Vehicle Policy was a complete success in Beijing.

  1. Understanding the difference- that Delhi is not Beijing:

The Delhi Government has to understand the essential difference between a developed nation and a developing country. Are the citizens of Delhi ready to face the challenges that the Odd-Even Vehicle Policy would bring? At the same time, it also becomes the responsibility of the citizens of Delhi to cooperate with the Government. The effort is to find a solution. The compromise is for a better tomorrow!

  1. Finding a better solution:

Though you cannot drive your car owing to the Odd-Even Vehicle Policy, but there are other options that a person can certainly try. From carpooling to public transport, there are number of options that a person can choose. Let’s step up for the environmental causes and create a better tomorrow!

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