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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 5 Unique Lessons for Mindful Eating!

5 Unique Lessons for Mindful Eating!

Your relationship status with food is committed, and you have absolutely fallen for those cheesy delights, yummilicious cupcakes, exotica treats and similar mouthful lust! But if your love is blind then food (that according to medical science is the source of nourishment for the human body) will readily ditch you. It will add the unwanted laziness of fats and clumsiness of calories in your kitty that will ultimately desensitize your love. It is high time when you should start accepting the significance of ‘healthy’ eating for respecting your bond with food. Here are vital lessons that can help you- have a look!
Get into the root of mischief:
In a week’s time, an average American enjoys at least five meals outside, inviting more than 1200 calories in a single meal (let’s not counts the expenses such meals create). Enjoying an exotic meal out can create intense disturbance in your daily diet. How about cooking some healthy and nutritious salads at home? Your DIY meal is the first step of mindful eating!
Look for a motivator- a healthy companion:
Your eating habits are highly influenced by the people around you- the peer pressure works and affects personal food choices. Therefore, look for a source of inspiration or rather be the one! For instance, if you are going out to have a dinner with your friends then stick to the diet you aim for. Have no mercy, no relaxation and no overloading when it comes to food.
Change the setting or mood:
Avoid anything that puts you in the ‘eat-it-out’ zone! Researchers have proved that ambience (as in the environment where you spend most of your time) plays a significant influence in our food habits. For instance, shape your room in a romantic mood, and it will decrease your participation in food with the rate of 20 percent (this is as per the study conducted by University of Illinois).
Develop an inclination towards fresh liquid intake:
It can be juices, lemonade or even a glass full of water- liquid intake keeps you hydrated and fresh. It is good for the agility of body and control the level of inactiveness in the human body.
Plan your diet in terms of Calorie Count:
Make a rough estimate of your calorie intake and stick to the plan- no matter whether you eat in or out. Healthy food keeps your body, mind and soul is solace. Remember, while eating, you need to think in terms of miles and not calories (every 100 calories reflects walking or jogging a mile away).

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