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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 5 Ways to Avoid Food Cravings during the ‘Temptations’ of Festive Season

5 Ways to Avoid Food Cravings during the ‘Temptations’ of Festive Season

Welcome to the ‘candilicious LaLa’ land of festive seasons! Take a dip in the hot tub of chocolate and almond butter, satiate your crusher cravings and go to the gooey sugary ride of sweets. But wait, what about your diet schedule? How to beat the craving with mindful eating?

With the festive season around the corner, you might be excited about everything related to festivals, apart from the cruel dieting. It is indeed difficult to control your heart when you are situated right amidst the delicious wonder of diverse food cravings. But you have to do it! You have no other choice! You have no other option!

We have compiled these 5 battle-testing strategies to help your food craving struggle. Happy weight management during festivals!

Stay away from your food enemy:

img 2 (1)
Image Courtesy- Bollywood Reactions

Did you just saw that delicious chocolate fudge? Stay away from it! But first and foremost, you need to know your food enemies. For instance, my weakness is roasted nuts and even though they fall into the healthy eating category, I don’t mind exceeding the predefined limit from 10 nuts to 50 nuts. Excessive eating is also a concern. The best idea is to stay away from the food enemy!

Schedule your eating:

img 4 (1)
Image Courtesy- Bollywood Reactions

Prefer eating by the clock! Take your first meal within the first few hours of waking up. Fill your mind and stomach with healthy food (like protein shake) and leave no space for anything else. So that even if you are willing to eat something else, you stomach would keep a check and won’t allows you to eat mindlessly .

Keep a written note of whatever you eat:

img 3
Image Courtesy- Bollywood Reactions

It is technically proven that people who maintain a written note of their eating habits lose quick weight. A written journal will help you in understanding the uncertain behavior of your food cravings. Going back to the yesterday’s schedule will also help you to review and interrogate your food habits.

Stay away from unnecessary snacking:

img 5 (1)
Image Courtesy- Bollywood Reactions

Image Courtesy- Bollywood Reactions
Rather settle for 4 to 5 short meals during a day (that is to be taken within every 3-4 hours)! Unnecessary snacking is harmful to the blood sugar level- it also lowers the urge of mindful eating. In case you want to have something in between, go for green tea or filtered water.

Switch to healthier meals:

img 1
Image Courtesy- Bollywood Reactions

It isn’t difficult! You can always have a nutrient-rich and sugar-calculated meal or snacks. For example, we all know that Poha and Quinoa is an easy substitute for rice. Then why not switching? Why not having dark chocolate fudge that has low sugar impact? Follow the same hard and fast rule for drinks too!

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