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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / 7 Amazing Reasons to Date Your Best Friend

7 Amazing Reasons to Date Your Best Friend

They say ‘friendship is forever… as friendship never fails’! You just have to have those few close friends who are ‘there’ with you- no matter what the situation is, no matter how difficult the time and tide is for you! True friendship will face the test of the time in the most spectacular manner.

Friendship is a treasure- a glowing casket with all the luxuries of affection, love and togetherness. Undeniably, it is the priciest possession that a person has! For those who have tasted the mirth of friendship, it is relatively easy to understand the concept of selflessness. It is a similar sense of selflessness that is demanded by love and commitment in a romantic relationship. Now, what if you are dating your best friend? What if the love of your life is none other than your bestest buddy? Wondering how blissful your life is going to be? Unravel the seven amazing reasons that prove why it is the finest idea to date your best friend.

You don’t have to look for reasons to stay together:


So you want to go for a road trip with your friends, and you think your significant half would be affected by the decision? Hey, what if your friend is your significant half? This means, you don’t have to look for reasons to stay together as more of your fun-filled tasks will be collective. They say life is easy when most of the decisions are less complication.

Your mind sings the same music:


When it comes to best buddies, it isn’t difficult to read minds. A simple glance can tell you the exact feeling- he knows, you know and the entire process of understanding is quite simple. Now this is the kind of relationship that you need for completing your love story.

Mutual understanding is not an issue:


Inside outside or upside down- your friend knows what makes you the way you are! When your significant half is a friend, mutual understanding is easy and comfortable. You are more or less willing to share your heart, to express your feelings, and to convey your fantasies. There is no thin shield in between- the marriage of thoughts is the most beautiful thing in this world!

You are true to them:


We might take years to trust a person- trusting someone isn’t that easy after all! While choosing a life partner, trust is certainly the most vital factor that cannot be ignored. As you are dating your best friend, you will see that there is a sense of security in mind. Nobody will ever discourage your pure love feelings with dishonesty.

Since they understand credibility, they know how to take care of your heart:


Don’t take your heart for granted and gift it to a person who is less deserving or dishonest. Credibility is more of a character trait and once you find it in a person; you will appreciate the personality of that person even more.

Dinner Dates are more fun-filled than just romantic:


Grab a DVD, pick up your favorite drink, choose some junkies and plan the perfect dinner date with your significant half. Now this is the kind of friendly date that you can enjoy with your friend cum significant half. Witness the perfect blend of romance and fun while dating the love of your life.

Pure Love… no judgment, no opinions, and no misunderstanding:


They say we perform really well without the facade of masquerade- as in when there are no appearances in play, when you have the right to be yourself and when perception is not troubling you. Loving a friend romantically is all about the purest essence of love.

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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