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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Latest posts / 7 Body Language Signals that Could Make your Day Confident

7 Body Language Signals that Could Make your Day Confident

Much more than what a person says, his/her expression is a medium of connotative feelings. A frowning eyebrow, a wrinkled lip, a sarcastic smile and some cold waves- they all have meanings, and they are known as signals.

No matter you know it or not, you are sending signals to everyone. The way you roll your eyes, move your body and shake hands, it expresses something deep about your inner personality. The subconscious signals, or widely known as body language that a person uses, can affect the perception cycle. As per the researchers, people find it psychologically comfortable to deal with clear signals of body language. Start from today and use these ‘influential’ body signals to make your day more confident and graceful.

1.The Posture: Stay firm and straight while standing:


Posture is the first wall of human judgment! The way you are standing and moving will determine much about your personality. Stand firm, with full control on your feet, make yourself look taller, raise your head up, and keep the back rigid.

2.Enter a room with a winsome smile:


A winsome smile is a reflection of a beautiful heart and soul! Keep that smile on your face and let your eyes shine in the beam of happiness. They say happiness is infectious, and it is always better to spread the delight. Just don’t overdo with smiling… it might look silly and a bit confusing 

3.Greet well- clear and loud enough.


Though the idea is not to shout, greeting has to be loud and clear. If you find it difficult to say it loud, then walk to the person and extend your greetings. Just don’t fumble or murmur words in your mouth. Take your time to establish a contact with the person- look into the eyes, give a smile and then greet. Don’t make it a haste process!

4.Go for a gentle yet firm handshake:


Say no to a weak or dead handshake- it is not going to make your or anyone’s day! Instead, be firm with the way you shake hands, put a bit of pressure and keep it firm (not forceful). Don’t squeeze the hand- it looks a bit rude and unwanted.

5.No leaning- Angle yourself straight to the person to whom you are talking:


You are not an ‘old-worn-out-man’ who is looking for support. Have that stance in your posture and don’t lean towards any exterior object for support. Choose a comfortable ‘neutral’ stance as a stand-up posture. During a conversation, angle yourself towards the partner. It will build trust and faith in-between!

6.Keep a Happy Face:


A happy face is an inviting face- a hub for a lot of positive signals. Subconsciously, it will affect the psyche of the people who are willing to approach you. Since we know that it is natural for human being to be judgmental, a happy face will support you in providing vital information.

7.Eye Contact is Important:


Don’t shy away or miss that important eye contact with the person you are talking to! By far, this is the best way to stay confident and positive during your daily conversations. Engage your eyes while talking to people- don’t forget to keep that winsome smile on your face.

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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