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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Entertainment / 7 Phenomenal Benefits of Listening to Music Daily

7 Phenomenal Benefits of Listening to Music Daily

“Sometimes music is the only medicine that the heart and soul need”- Anonymous

You are never in a bad company when you are with music! While some thinkers have declared music as a ‘religion’ of its own, some find music as nothing but a ‘therapeutic’ bliss. It is indeed inspiring to see people are who are in love with music- they are so close to nature and world, yet so far from the materialistic gain. A blessing in solitude, music is an art that heals the body, mind and soul with the gift of soothing companionship . Music has a solution for every mood- for that to a misfit and a perfectionist too!

Wondering what researchers has to say about listening music? Well, if scientific surveys are to believe then music can boost a person’s mental and physical health in the best possible way. Unravel the 7 amazing benefits of listening to music:

You are happy when you sing:


Listening to music helps our body in releasing dopamine– a neurotransmitter for boosting the feel-good factor in the human body. According to the researchers, the more amount of dopamine is released from the body, the more it helps a person in staying happy, excited and joyful.

Music can kill the stress:


Since music has the healing capacity, it helps a person in releasing the stress by managing the hormone cortisol in the human body. It means with the help of music, you can easily deal with the chronics of stress.

Music helps your sleep sound:


According to a study, about 30 percent of Americans and 24 percent Indians suffer insomnia! Why doesn’t switching to the comfortable means of music? Spending 45 minutes with music on a daily basis can improve your sleep in the most spectacular way.

Controlled Eating with Music:


As per a new study conducted by Georgia Tech University, people who are habitual to slow and soothing music have the tendency to consume less calorie-rich meals. Maybe, it is in the music that makes a person more thoughtful and less material!

Music makes you mentally strong:


In case you want to boost your recall value and memory, you need to choose the music! It is seen that people who are habitual to listen to music have strong memorizing power. We all know how musicians deal with the lyrics and notes- they just know the flow and means of the words.

Music reduces pain:


Indeed, what therapy music is! A study conducted by Drexel University has suggested that the magical treatment of music has helped people in reducing the pain encountered during the cancer treatment. Rightly has Bob Marley said- “one good thing about Music is when it hits you, you feel no pain”!

Raise your IQ and Intellect with the kiss of music:


People who love listening to music have higher academic outcome and performance- they are best with the IQ intellect! As said, music is the best way to improve your child’s academic excellence and intellect. Enroll them in playing an instrument- be it a guitar or piano!

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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