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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Fashion / Beauty / 7 Reasons of Using Cinnamon in Winters

7 Reasons of Using Cinnamon in Winters

With the onset of fall and winter months, the aromatic Cinnamon is ready to add the most delicious tint and spicy retreat in your dishes. Though cinnamon is readily available during all the seasons, winter is said to be the best time to consume this wonder delight. Backed with thousands of years of history, cinnamon is best used for both medicinal and kitchen purposes. As we went deep with cinnamon, we found that it is available in two flavors- Cassia and Ceylon, out of which, Ceylon is said to be sweeter, scarcely available and more refined. Cassia, on the other hand, is blessed with the power of fragrance and taste. Let’s unravel all the power packed benefits of Cinnamon:

Controlling Blood Pressure:


It is said that the extracted bark from the cinnamon tree is well known for its medicinal benefits. This is the reason why cinnamon is best regarded for the patients who are suffering from blood pressure and diabetes-related medical disorders. Especially for the type-2 diabetes, cinnamon can help the ability to dealing with the insulin. Use cinnamon with a carbohydrate-rich food (as in oatmeals) and control the blood sugar level.

Counters the fatty elements from a heavy meal:


If your body is habitual of eating rich spices like cinnamon or turmeric, then it is certainly going to reduce the negative impact of high-fat meals. Now this is the kind of correlation between health and cinnamon! The idea is to enhance the overall wellness!

Improves the brain functioning:


The aromatic fragrance of cinnamon can actively boost the brain functioning. It is said that the sweetest scent of cinnamon is highly regarded for inducing the correct sense of willpower, high spirit, and optimism in the mind. It works beautifully for the constructive development of brain!

Dealing with a seasonal cough and flu:


Go for a delightful cup of tea with cinnamon and ginger in it! The practice will wishfully help to counter seasonal cold and cough in the unanimous way. Feeling irritated with the chills of the winter season? Choose cinnamon in your daily diet- nothing as simple as that!

Beauty enhancement and benefits:


Do you know that cinnamon can be used as natural lip plumper? You just have to use it with a bit of Vaseline on your lips, and the rest of things are naturally done. A gentle Vaseline massage topped with the touch of cinnamon is all that you need to have plump your lips naturally.

Home refreshment alternative:


The fragrance and the breezy scent of cinnamon can keep your home refreshing! As said, the cinnamon cleansing scent has the essential therapeutic touch that works as a natural air freshener. Apart from this, it also works as a natural insect repellant.

Effective Anti- microbial properties:


Dealing with bacterial and fungal infections? Use cinnamon oil or extract in your food to cease the growth of bacterial spread. The vast anti-microbial benefits of cinnamon are clinically proven and tested!

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