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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Entertainment / 7 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch Neerja This Weekend

7 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Watch Neerja This Weekend

About thirty years ago on September 5, 1986, India lost her courageous daughter ‘Neerja’, who was busy saving the lives of 359 people during a hijack situation. A devoted daughter, a dedicated citizen and a Braveheart- Neerja Bhanot was certainly more than words! Her story is unconventional, same as her bravery and thanks to the silver screen for yet again essaying this proud daughter of India through the latest flick ‘Neerja’ starring Sonam Kapoor. As Neerja-the movie is ready for a release today; we hope it conveys the same emotions and sentiments as were close to the heart of this magnificent personality. Here are the 7 reasons why should definitely watch Neerja this week.

  1. Because it’s true:

They say reality is more dramatic and soul-stirring than fiction! Neerja Bhanot was a part of one such reality where she was dutifully playing her part of being a flight attendant. She lost her life because she was saving the life of 359 other passengers. We are sure the film will dramatize the nail-biting venture.

  1. Because it contradicts the popular belief:


Do you still think a woman is weak? If yes then you need to watch Neerja this week. Here is a story of a woman who was mentally strong and emotionally stronger.

  1. Because Sonam is absolutely stunning as in Neerja:

Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor, who is essaying the role of Neerja, is completely rocking in as Neerja. Similar beauty, same hairdo, and look-a-like passion- we are sure this will be Sonam’s career best performance after Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.

  1. Because Shabana Azmi’s Voice over is gripping:

The critically acclaimed actress, Shabana Azmi, who is essaying the role of Neerja’s mother, is yet again ready for a gripping performance. Her voice, demur, and appearance is making her the best part of the movie.

  1. Because visual inspiration is for the mind:

We all might have learned about Neerja Bhanot in newspapers and magazines, but through a visual presentation, we would be able to keep the memories of this Braveheart ‘living’ within us. The inspiration is never too less!

  1. Because of the promising trailer:

Vishal Khurana has directed the music for Neerja! The track ‘Jeete Hain Chal’ has had the best response on YouTube. With millions of views, sentimental dialogues and Power packed chemistry between the actors, Neerja is a definite watch.

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