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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 7 Reasons Why You Should Include Planks in Your Daily Exercise Regime

7 Reasons Why You Should Include Planks in Your Daily Exercise Regime

Thanks to some body weight exercises for practically introducing simplicity to our fitness regime- now getting in shape is reasonably convenient! Over the period of time, Planks have evolved as one of the most widespread forms of bodyweight exercise, and it is not going to get out of fashion any time soon. With minimal time investments and consistent workout, you can see some fairly effective results with this form of bodyweight exercise. Have a look at the 7 stunning reasons why you should definitely include Planks in your daily fitness regime:


  1. It will strengthen your core:

Planks are said to be the ideal exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles. From rectus abdominous (ideal for sports performance) to external oblique muscles (influential for side and waist muscles), transverse abdominous (easing weight lifting capabilities) and glutes (suggested for strong backbone), planks engage all the potent core muscles of your body.

  1. It lowers the risk of back or spinal injury:

With Planks, you are not adding any unnecessary pressure on your spine or hips. It is also convenient for your back. According to the medical science, doing planks on regular basis can significantly reduce the back pain as it strengthens the support system in a flawless way.

  1. Good for the posture:

Planks are highly recommended for a stable body posture, as it enhances the ability to maintain a straight body position. With the help of this bodyweight exercise, you can easily improve the condition of your neck, shoulders, and chest.

  1. Easy Boost to Metabolism:

Since you are challenging your entire body with Planks, it will help you in burning calories. In comparison to any other body exercise, Planks would burn more energy in your body that is suggested for a higher metabolic rate.

  1. The Body Balance:

Trying standing on your one leg for a couple of minutes to determine whether your core is strong or not- if you can’t do it, then probably your abdominal core is weak. Don’t worry because with the help of Planks, you can easily improve your body balance. It is certainly the best way to boost your sports performance in the simplest way.

  1. Crisp Flexibility:

You are going to make your body flexible with planks, adapting easy expanding and stretching in shoulders and collarbone. Planks can also improve stretching your hamstrings, feet and toes. Balancing the body weight perfectly, planks will improve the overall flexibility of muscles and ligament.


  1. The mental peace:

Now that’s true! The mechanism of doing Planks is set in such a way that it can affect some nerves for improving the overall mood. Breaking down the anxiety of depression, it is with the help of Planks that you can keep your mind calm and composed.

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