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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Entertainment / 7 Things we absolutely love about Indian Weddings

7 Things we absolutely love about Indian Weddings

From pre-wedding sleepless nights, crazy dancing, fun madness to emotions gush, everything is special in an Indian wedding. There is no single word that can absolutely describe the complete ‘feel’ of Indian wedding-all together it is such a wonderful experience of endless fun and joy. With wedding season around the corner, check out the 7 amazing things that we entirely love about our Indian Weddings.

The Excitement of Free loading

Absolutely yes- nobody is going to catch or stop you from eating. Take as much as you can (but don’t fart as loud as you have to) and enjoy delicious free loading. You will certainly go gaga with the mouth-watering food available in Indian weddings.

The booze that creates the buzz: free daaaaaaru (Imagine)

Yes, you are in cloud nine and this is the world to live in. Absolutely, no restrictions and no unwanted drama over money- you can simply choose the best shot and have a blast. Enjoy the ride and drink sensibly (who really cares?)…

Crazy Dancing: Naacho saare G phaad ke!


From lady sangeet, bachelor’s party to mad dancing in baarat, Indian weddings are the purest form of pleasure dancing. You just don’t have to pick a particular style because here you can choose to be what you actually are. The dancing go absolute ‘dil se’ and ‘haatke’…

The craziness of emotional gush

There is a crazy state of mind where you cry because you are very happy- they call it ‘khushi ke assun’! Technically saying, it the emotional gush that is resulted due to the wedding scenario. This is the time your heart keeps on reminding about the forthcoming change and challenges in life. You want to love and be loved and that excitement might make you emotional. They all feel it this way during an Indian wedding.

Live ramp show where Girls wear the best dresses

The ‘D’ factor dominates Indian weddings in the best way- Dance, daaaru, drama and dresses! You don’t have to spend a single penny for gazing beautiful ladies in their best attire. Wedding season has some sort of magic in girls- it is the time when they are in there finest moods. So this can really help you if your status is still single.

Making money through awesome rituals


You can easily get the opportunity to earn money through shaguns and rituals like juttey chupai (shoe stealing). But more than money, it is about enjoying every moment and making memories in the long run. The fun filled humor and sharing jokes with family is the best ingredient for an Indian wedding.

The love for colors

There is no such color that has not been used in wedding decorations or wedding attire. Indian weddings are enriched with the vibrant taste and blend of most fantastic colors. We celebrate the arrival of our happiness through these colors. It is more like a rainbow of joy…

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