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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / 7 Things you need to understand about a person suffering from Depression

7 Things you need to understand about a person suffering from Depression

She is caring and the ‘power to love’ is her biggest strength! You see a wonderful human being in her- a person who spreads happiness, smiles and affections like a blessing. But deep down somewhere, she is lonely. Her depression is hidden, she has started doubting her love, and she is making nonsensical theories about herself!

The person you love is suffering from depression and it is quite evident with these signs! As depression is not a tangible disorder, it remains much more like a feeling that should be guided by the passage of love. The human affections, heart and feelings are made of experiences, and they might remain good, bad, better or worse. Instant snapping, mood swings, finding it difficult to let go, holding grudges, having suicidal tendencies, etc. are some early signs of depression.

The person you love is in need- in need of your love and affections. Take some steps to understand the 7 crucial things about depression:

  1. Depression is a mental imbalance, not a personality:


The size of Hippocampus, an important part of our brain, is about 10% smaller in those who suffer depression, in comparison to people are not affected by the disorder. Science has also suggested that more a person suffers from depression; the smaller will be the size of Hippocampus in his/her brain. The unhealthy balance of stress and emotional fluctuations that a person suffers in depression can also lead to biological problems.

  1. They need motivation and love:

shutterstock_268247372 (1)

The brain understands the language of hormones! We see neurotransmitters are actually responsible for why a person feels motivated, as the brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine are always at play. We wake up in the morning, we feel fresh, the light is tempting, and mind is hopeful. It happens in general. But for a person who is suffering from depression, the mind is not always healthy. They don’t wake up with the feeling to wake up- the light repels, and ideas are in a deep fog.  Sad to say, but the motivation is often paralysed.

  1. Understand the ‘Broken’ heart:


Apart from demotivation, a person suffering from depression is cluttered with a series of other negative emotions. Lack of interest, easy distraction, carelessness, dizziness, uncertain behavior, impulsiveness, and so on are some signs of depression. A person suffering from depression is neither happy nor sad and not angry- the behavior is uncertain and not absolute.

  1. They don’t feel good about self:


The appreciation for self is a beautiful thing. It is the earning of respect for self in your own eyes! A person suffering from depression shows abundant signs of selflessness. They take themselves as burdens, they are not ready to support their love feelings, they are most of the time lost, and they are often stuck in the moment of grief. It is not easy for them to step out from those feelings.

  1. They might be overtly angry or anxious:


The neurological overlapping between depression and anxiety often makes it look similar. If researchers are to believe, then about 90 % of people who suffer depression shows equal signs of anxiety, anger and pain attacks. They feel hopeless and emotionally broken- hard to tell why!

  1. Criticism makes them feel sick:


People who suffer depression are extremely critical and sensitive to criticism. You might give them a normal suggestion, but then it is perceived in entirely a different manner. For instance, saying ‘your smile is beautiful’ is a compliment. But a person suffering from depression might perceive it as a sarcastic remark on his/her current personality trait or mannerism.

  1. They have a disturbed sleeping pattern:


Either they sleep too much or too less! People who suffer depression exhibit a disturbed sleeping pattern with a compulsive ‘no energy no motivation’ syndrome. They eat abnormally, which often leads to weight loss of instant gain.

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