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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / 7 Things you need to understand if you are practicing Helicopter Parenting!

7 Things you need to understand if you are practicing Helicopter Parenting!

The ‘Right to Freedom’ is a gift that every individual enjoys in a civilised society- no matter how young, old or older he/she might be! But as human beings or rather parents, we are entitled to the phenomena of ‘care’. We care for the kids, and we often forget to draw the line that where we need to stop. Are we harassing the freedom of our kids? Is Helicopter Parenting all positive and green?

Breathing free in the air of open thoughts and expression is the most beautiful thing in this world. As infants, we are unable to take care of our own necessities, depending completely on the parents. But as soon as we grow up, we start enjoying the mirth of freedom. Dressing up for the school, making a glass of tea, choosing your own friends, picking your own hobbies and so on- the initial idea of decision making is just wonderful. While kids grow up to become an individual of the society, it seems like some parents never grow up. For them, the kids are kids even when they are adults!

The other name for helicopter parenting is overprotective parents! Just like a helicopter, they are always above the head of the kid- guiding, influencing, interfering and micromanaging the decisions of their kids in a fuller manner. As parents, you have to understand the unconscious demerits of helicopter parenting!

  1. You are cribbing the creativity of your child:


A mind that is guided by some exterior opinions and judgment is neither free nor creative. It cannot think differently, and is paralysed with pre-conceived notions. By overprotective parenting, you are influencing the mindset of your child.

  1. You are not preparing them for the future:


Life is not an easy cakewalk! You cannot govern each and every step taken by your child. As soon as the child enters the competitive world, he/she will feel confused about the complexity of life. Helicopter parenting wouldn’t allow the child to have a reality check! Life is not a bed of rose- your overprotective nature will discourage the idea of reality and rationality in a child.

  1. Tasting independence is the birthright of a child:


What you think is caring, could be disturbing to the child. Understand the fact that your child is an independent human being. Respect it! Let them do the little tits and bits for self- to prepare a meal they like, to choose the friends they wish and to let them spend a day according to their own desires.  Independence or freedom is the best gift that you can give to your child.

  1. Failure is a part of life and learning:


With helicopter parenting, you are monitoring each and every action of your child. You work hard to let them win and taste success. So how are they going to face the failure? Failure is an inevitable part of human life. It is rather a learning phase where a person understands the significance and worth of success. By micromanaging, you are underrating the significance of failure in kids.

  1. Excessive interference is depressing:


Helicopter parenting is negative because it enables you to exercise excessive interference in your child’s life. The inability to take decisions for self is discouraging- it is depressing and frustrating at the same point in time. By inducing the signs of introvert and shy behavior, you are making your child socially awkward and depressing.

  1. Are you making the kid miserable?


The over activeness that the parents exhibit makes the child socially passive. Helicopter parenting makes a kid miserable and reluctant. The child is awkwardly dependent on the parents and has no control over his/her actions. They are miserable because of the cluelessness in essential behavior and mannerism.

  1. Pressure has the tendency to bounce back:


The child can retaliate, and this form of retaliation can be even for worse! Too much of suppression and dictatorship is repulsive as it forces a person to bounce back. What if the child feels like revolting- that they are no longer ready to listen or follow you. It might create a state of anarchy!

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Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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