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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / 7 Vital life lessons that you can learn from a happily married couple

7 Vital life lessons that you can learn from a happily married couple

The confirmation of spending a life together that one person gives to another is simply beautiful! And mind it, it is not beautiful because we think it is based on the ‘happily lived ever after’ stigma. It is beautiful because a marriage takes two complete strangers together in the ride of odds, failure, accomplishment and success collectively.

There is no rule book for marriage- nothing is written, and nothing is permanent! When two people start spending their life together, they are told that marriage is going to surprise them in altogether a different way. But marriage is neither a battle nor a lazy Sunday. For each and every person, it is a personalized experience. Every marriage is a story, and every story has a lesson. While the idea of every marriage is to keep the love bond strong between couples, it is evident that the strengthening of this bond is only possible with the exchange of certain beliefs. Here we have listed the 7 best life lessons that we all can learn from a married couple!

  1. Kindling the idea of Romance, dating, surprises and love in marriage:


Happily married couples never stop dating each other! The flow of those flirty messages, surprise dates, candlelight dinners, long romantic drives, etc. would never cease between them. The most general word to explain the entire phenomena is ‘spark’. So if love is a ‘spark’, then the marriage is always kindled with the surprise of this ‘spark’. They never let the magic of love fade away from their married lives.

  1. Knowing the fact that every fight is not important for the married life:


Happy married lives are not lead by impulsive behaviors. The urge of a subtle, calm, and patient approach is necessary! Married couples do realize the fact that every potential fight that should be avoided is good for the health of their relationship. For instance, he is lazy with the towel, and she is clumsy with the bills. Give it a break, avoid fight, be less annoying, and explode less.

  1. Not avoiding a situation…and rather facing it:


Okay, you are trying to fight less and being more submissive in a relationship. But for how long will you behave like this? Sooner or later, things that are irritating you will start affecting your behavior. Thus, it is always better to face a situation. Happily married couples have that habit of discussing a situation. More or less, they would prefer to settle for a valid solution.

  1. Their attitude has gratitude for each other:


The little things or effort that a partner puts into your life has to be appreciated! If she is cooking for him, then he should be thankful. If he is cleaning her wardrobe mess, then she has to understand his effort. Life is good and happy when we have gratitude for all the beauties of life. The secret of happy marriage lays in the sense of gratitude that partners share with each other.

  1. They keep the intimacy alive:


Sharing your bed with the person you love in the most beautiful feeling in this world. Cuddling with the love of your life every morning when you wake up is simply gorgeous. Never and never let that intimacy die! Happy married couples start and end their day with the zest of love and romance. A polite kiss, a soothing hug, a moment of vulnerability, etc. – you need all of them!

  1. Loving them for all the things you hate about them:


As soon as you get married to a person, you understand one simple fact that love is not always flowery and bright. It is also dull and negative in its features. Along with all the positivity and goodness, you will also sense some sort of greyness in characters. Never start hating your spouse for all the wrong reasons. They are very much a part of our lives! Happily married couples have the tendency of rising above the obvious flaws- they are surely receptive to positivity than anything negative.

  1. They respect the ‘individuality’ of their partners:


Your partner is an individual with personal desires, professional ambitions, human feelings and private passions. Happily married couples are those who appreciate the sense of self in their partners. While respecting the individual in their partners, they never forget the basic reason for choosing a person as a life partner. Now this is the kind of commitment that love relationship demands!

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