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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / 8 Invaluable Secrets of Happy Couples and Successful Marriages!

8 Invaluable Secrets of Happy Couples and Successful Marriages!

The difference between infatuation and love in the time passage; infatuation may not last for long, but true love has to cope with the course of time so that with each passing day, it grows more profound! Thus, it is always easy to fall in love but the actual challenge lies in staying in love for long. Time steals the innocence of love and brings the unwanted change in opinions and mindsets. It happens when his ‘carefree’ attitude becomes ‘careless’ for her and the way she ‘advices’ turns into ‘constant nagging’ for him.

Happy couples are those who evoke with time and challenges! Marriage is more like a tale of commitment where the focus is in mutual priority than personal choices. Unravel the 8 valuable secrets of successful marriages with us!

SECRET 1- Respecting the difference between ‘we’ and ‘me’ factor:


The sight of sunset makes you thoughtful but for your partner, it can be boring! It is absolutely fine to have differences of opinion and choice and as a couple you should respect them. But at the same time, don’t let any of your personal desire go unattended. Go and visit the place you desire to see even if your partner is busy or unwilling to accompany you. At the same time, give them the space they need to fulfill their personal wishes. A happy relationship is made of two happy individuals who care for each other, both at individualistic and collective level.

SECRET 2- Sharing the happiness of doing little things for each other:


Small efforts in a relationship are always counted positive! When your partner prepares a meal for you, cleans up your car, wakes up early for your bed tea and cares for your health with a little strictness in your diet plan then these small gestures create a constructive platform for a successful marriage. A warm smile or may be a daily compliment can keep your love life active and fresh. Happy couples believe in sharing constructive thoughts than anything negative or mean.

SECRET 3- Fighting is healthy for a relationship:


Fighting brings out the ‘real’ you! It is okay to be blunt and straightforward in your expression of thoughts and thus, fighting in a relationship is vital. Similarly, disagreement is also healthy because it allows sharing of thoughts than mere suppression of desires. A happy couple is not the one who never fights, but actually the one who fights to understand a situation in a better way. This form of conflict is constructive for a relationship.

SECRET 4- Staying in love rather than falling in love:


Falling is a negative expression! Therefore, make an effort to stay in love with your partner for a successful marriage. Work hard for making it successful and cherish the sense of positivity in your love story. Don’t let any negative thoughts affect the course of your happiness. Whenever your heart sinks with something negative, take a deep breath and recollect five crucial points stating ‘how your life in incomplete without your partner’! You will get the best answer.

SECRET 5- Say no to calculation or comparison in love:

Happy relaxed attractive man and woman lying on their backs head to head on a white carpet smiling up at the camera

You cannot analyze love through a quantitative expression! Similarly, comparison of love is a simple waste of time. We cannot term any couple ‘perfect’ or ‘best’ because we are not a part of that relationship and we don’t know what they are going through in their lives. Appreciation is good but comparisons are not healthy for a relationship. With calculations and comparisons, you are actually setting a limit for your love that might have the potential to rise beyond any predefined measure. Happy couples let their love grow wild!

SECRET 6- Listen to your sexual desires:


Having a sexual desire or even scheduling sex is absolutely fine…it is at least better than being thoughtless about sex! If you share a busy lifestyle then go ahead with sound planning; so that in case your nights are busy then cuddle up in the morning. Try to spice up your sex life with new thoughts. Intimacy is vital to a relationship as it connects you with your partner in the best way. Whether planned or spontaneous in nature, intimacy has to be a priority in a happy couple’s life.

SECRET 7- Understanding your partner:


Change is the law of nature and the human tendency to change is inevitable! We all tend to change in terms of behavior, preferences, choice, opinions, appearance and thoughts. Happy couples are those who accept and understand this form of change in their partner. They have a sense of appreciation for this change and are rather curious to analyze anything new in their partner. There is no generalizing situation, hiding facts or pretensions in behavior happening; happy couples share the deepest thoughts in the finest way.

SECRET 8- Being ‘there’ for each other:


Happy couples are ‘there’ for each other; no matter how hard or unfair life turns out to be! Their presence in a relationship is much valued because it works as a source of strength for each other. Life is busy and it will stay the way it is but happy couples find time for each other. They never miss a moment to kiss or hug back whenever they have time. Perfect love stories do not just happen; they are created with immense love, faith, understanding, trust and commitment. It takes courage to make a successful marriage and these are the little secrets of happy couples. Enjoy them!

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Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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