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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / 8-Year-Old Kid Writes Letter To PMO Regarding Traffic Congestion

8-Year-Old Kid Writes Letter To PMO Regarding Traffic Congestion

As commuters, we’ve been tackling severe traffic congestion from a long time. But, rarely have we thought of raising our voice against it. However, one of us made the bright move of complaining to the concerned authorities so as to bring this issue under the eyes of higher authorities. Who? An 8-year old kid from Bengaluru.


Abhinav is just eight years old and is studying in class III at the National Public School in Yeshwanthpur. According to Abhinav, it takes more than 45 minutes for him to cover just a 3km run from his home to his school. Distressed from this trouble of traffic congestion, he decided to write a letter to the PMO so as to tell him about his woes and the whopping amount of trouble that it is creating for the commuters. This is not the first time when a young kid has taken an initiative to write a letter to the PM. A few months ago, a girl wrote a letter to the PM asking for financial help for her heart treatment to which PM Narendra Modi swiftly replied and took care of the treatment.

Abhinav particularly pointed out in his letter that there lies an under-construction flyover above the railway crossing. According to Abhinav, this under construction flyover is affecting people’s health along with his studies. The letter also mentioned the fact that this project was running behind schedule because of the delay in getting appropriate sanctions from defence authorities.

Narendra Modi

The PMO has promptly addressed this situation and has asked the concerned authorities to look into this matter. Abhinav, on the other hand, has set a huge example for adults like us. He has taught us that instead of keeping mum on these serious issues, we should take some time out from our busy schedule and do something about it.

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