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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / A 6-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots 3-Year-Old Brother While Playing

A 6-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots 3-Year-Old Brother While Playing

Cops and robbers is a popular game worldwide which is played amongst friends and siblings all across the world. In this innocent game, one enacts as a cop and the other acts as a robber and the cop is after the robber to catch him. However, never would have anyone imagined that a game so innocent could have a tragic ending like it did recently in the US where a 6-year old kid accidentally shot dead his 3-year old brother while playing this game. Leaving loaded weapons in the house is definitely a bad idea and this incident has proved it in just the right way.

Recently, we told you about a similar incident where an 11-year-old shot an eight-year-old girl because she refused to show him her puppy. With this incident happening within a month’s time; it’s high time that America’s gun culture be thought about deeply. The 6-year old’s father, Micheal Santiago, is currently booked under child endangerment and is being held at a bond of $75,000. The child’s grandfather, on the other hand, said “he was a beautiful kid, all this is real crazy.”


The 6-year-old boy’s name has not been revealed as of now. Santiago, on the hand, claims that he purchased the weapon for his protection from a gang called Spanish Cobras with which he was previously associated. He showed his gun to his son by saying that it was only meant to be used by adults.

America’s rising gun culture coupled along with such extreme negligence by the parents can have catastrophic repercussions for the country’s children.

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