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Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / Way of Life / Motivation / Adjustment is synonym to married life… for women!!

Adjustment is synonym to married life… for women!!

For most of the women, adjustment is the synonym to her married life. Many times when I see woman, tears throw out of my eyes. Even I am not married, but for years to come, I would turn to a wife, mother and grandmother. Do people (us) really realize her presence as a most balancing person in our lives? When it comes to sacrifices, there is no single turn, where she needs not to shape her ideas, desires, and hopes accordingly. I wonder how much she has to adjust to survive and keep a marriage alive long throughout the years. Does anybody know what kind of unusual power she has? It’s no such power actually; it is an “adjustment” with what she tackles along courage.

Let’s talk about her job status here: Passed down from past, status of women has gone through many stages. There was a time when she was supposed to prepare food in the kitchen only. In continuation of time, she has to manage her family and office. The biggest sacrifice of her life is when she does something after going beyond her desires. There are so many women who cannot do a job because her husband and in-laws don’t allow. I know many ladies who have left their jobs because in-laws don’t allow them. They restrict them to work at home, to take care of kids, making your house a home like heaven. Have you ever thought of her wants? Most of you would answer as no. Don’t worry she will never ask or complaint you because it’s her adjustment in life. Her marital status is completely overlapped by sacrifices for your betterment.

There is another scenario, where women don’t want to work out, but they have to because her husband wants. Some of the women want to spend time with family and her home. The bad fiscal situations provoke them to go out for work and money. However, she used to manage both her kids and office at the same time and never complaint against her adjustments.

When she enters as a wife to a new family, she accepts every mismatch in opinions, be adaptable to the new environment and culture, bring change in her daily schedule. She accepts new family with their positives and negatives without hesitation and feels happy to accept them as the way they are. At the same time, she keeps on missing her parents, her room, and her single life. It’s really difficult to leave her parents, with whom you spend more than 20 years of your life. It’s difficult to take back your hand from your mother’s hand who taught you how to walk.

Being young we (women) think that Marriage is like taking an airplane to some of your favorite destination, where you can enjoy something special, you are princess who is going to carry the world’s best offerings in hand. You think of new and classy clothes, honeymoon, vacations, fun, jewelry and everything else that contribute to happy start-up of new life. In early days of marriage, life can be same as stated in above lines. With passing days, it starts shaping you into adjustments and sacrifices. Your expectation graph starts declining in days and more days.

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  1. nicely written….itz true

    • Married life is all about mutual is best driven when your partner understands you w/o saying a word. Some relations are blessed to have this quality:-)

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