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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Celebrities / Ahmed Mohamed Finally Meets President Obama, Forgets the Clock at Home

Ahmed Mohamed Finally Meets President Obama, Forgets the Clock at Home

Remember when we told you about a Muslim teenager named Ahmed Mohamed who got arrested from his school on the suspicion of bringing a bomb which turned out to be a homemade clock. He’s got a lot of name to himself now. After his release, Ahmed garnered the sympathy of the entire world and especially USA’s President Barack Obama who tweeted that he wants to meet him.
The bright kid finally made it to the White House on Monday to meet the President, however, latest reports suggest that he left his homemade clock at home. Ahmed and Obama met and chatted for a very brief time during the event. Apart from that, since it was Astronomy Night at the White House, therefore Ahmed attended that night along with scores of other students, scientists, teachers, astronauts and TV personalities. He was even seen clicking a selfie with astronaut John Grunsfeld

While giving a speech at the event, Obama said that the whole nation has this responsibility of cultivating and encouraging the young ignited and curious minds instead of suppressing and squelching them. He added that this is important not just for the young people but for the entire nation. Ahmed also toured the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s labs after which he headed towards 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Latest reports also suggest that Ahmed has made a firm decision of withdrawing his name from the high school. As of now, Ahmed is keen to attend the Google Science Fair and visit Mecca since they’ve always been on his to-do list.

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