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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Amazon Launches its New Range of Cleverly Priced Tablets

Amazon Launches its New Range of Cleverly Priced Tablets

Recently we told you about Amazon’s plans of launching a super cheap tablet. Well, it’s finally here and hell yeah its cheap! The ecommerce giant is all set to shake up the tablet industry with its new tablet that costs less than £50. While we don’t have a full-depth review for you as of now, but initial impressions of this tablet look pretty solid. What’s more interesting is that the company has released this tablet just a week after Apple launched it’s much hyped iPad Pro which Apple says will give corporations mobility by helping them overcome PC’s.

While Amazon hasn’t typically targeted corporations and offices with its new tablet, however, strategies adopted by both the companies are very much expected to stir the tablet industry which is shrinking every year. A few years ago, the world expected the tablets to replace netbooks and laptops to become the future of computing, but by the looks of it, none of that sort has happened. Tablet shipments are down by 7% this quarter as compared to that of last year’s.

Despite those discouraging figures, Amazon today launched four tablets all of which have been aggressively priced. There are two 8-inch and 10-inch Fire HD devices which are being called by the company as the ultimate entertainment devices having high quality displays with a thin and light body. The third one is basically a Kids’ Edition tablet which is built ruggedly enough so that it can stand rough usage and all sort of battering from the little ones.

However, the real champ is the 7-inch Fire which will sell at a price tag of £49.99 which is definitely going to give many companies out there sleepless nights and while Apple might not be one of those companies, but Samsung and Tesco are definitely amongst them.

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