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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / America’s Richest Indian is Solving Real World Problems Head-On

America’s Richest Indian is Solving Real World Problems Head-On

People hardly know about Manoj Bhargava, the richest Indian-American, who is worth around $4 billion; however, his plans for a sustainable future for the world surely can’t be ignored. Bhargava amassed the billionaire title through his iconic product, the ‘5-hour Energy Drink’ which is a big hit in the United States. However, apart from being the wealthiest Indian-American, what sets him apart is his dedication to make world a better place to live in for the millions of poverty stricken people of the world.

He has currently spent more than $100 million so as to come up with ideas and innovations which can be of great use to the people in the real world. He started a lab called Stage 2 Innovations at Farmington Hills, Michigan where his engineers have worked on ideas and prototypes that are simply meant to make lives easier for the underprivileged. One of those inventions is “Free Electric” where one will be able to generate clean electrical energy for an entire day by just pedalling on a bike for one hour.

Manoj bhargav

Another invention made by him and his team at their lab is “Graphene” which is basically a bunch of graphite wire cables which will be able to conduct heat from the planet’s core to the surface without any side effect of pollution. Today, countries like Indonesia and Iceland have started harnessing our planet’s untapped geothermal energy. However for that, they are making use of steam and other expensive techniques whereas Graphene will be able to do the same with much more efficiency and less cost. “The Rainmaker” is another great invention made by Bhargava and his team that can purify as much as 1000 gallons of salty water to make it usable for drinking and agriculture purposes in just less than one hour.

Manoj Bhargava
While most rich people simply donate the money towards the charity, Manoj Bhargava on the other hand, is the one who is actually trying to solve real world problems and though a lot of people don’t know much about him, his ideas and his quest to do something for the betterment of the people perhaps tells a tonne about him.

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