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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Apple Releases Latest Updates for IOS 9.2, Improves Music and Stability of Safari Browser

Apple Releases Latest Updates for IOS 9.2, Improves Music and Stability of Safari Browser

With the latest IOS 9.2 updates, Apple will be ruling a couple of interesting features for Apple Music and would be enhancing the stability of Safari browser. You could even ask for more as Apple is ready to deliver!

With some major and minor changes on the card, Apple has finally revealed the latest update of IOS 9.2 version. With this update, Apple is planning to improvise the stability of Safari browser, making it more practical and intuitive for the users. The major change that came our way through Apple’s latest update is related to the Apple Music. As if for now, a user with IOS 9.2 will be able to create a new playlist (as soon as a new song will be added to the list).  The most recent changes to the list would be displayed at the top. With the latest update, Apple has also released a new ‘iCloud’ Download button that will help users to download their complete song library virtually to their respective accounts with just a click.


All that you need to know about the latest update:

  • Apple IOS 9.2 will now come with a new download indicator button that would be place next to every song. The indicator will tell the user that how much of the song is remaining in the offline mode.
  • As an Apple Music user, you will now be able to see Composers, Performers, and Works while browsing the music section under classical category.
  • Apple has also initiated a ‘Mail Drop’ feature to allow the functioning of large email attachments in the app.
  • For the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, the iBooks feature will now appear with 3D animation. It will give a direct look at the content of the book, also supporting the format for audiobook.
  • The recurring issues with Live Photos will be fixed with the latest Apple IOS 9.2 update.

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