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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Apple and Samsung Will Face Each Other in Court Again

Apple and Samsung Will Face Each Other in Court Again

Apple and Samsung are two biggest names which crop up whenever you think about a corporate dispute. The two compete with each other aggressively and sometimes it’s hard to tell as which one is after the other. Both the companies have pulled each other’s leg whenever one of them had a fall, yet both companies respect the position they individually hold in the IT sector. They are more like Tom & Jerry of the tech market. They might run after one another but both are indispensable for each other.

As per latest reports, it is being speculated that the two companies will again face each other in court next year. Relax, there aren’t any new charges against anyone. They’ll basically meet to cover damages in their fourth jury trial for the 2011 lawsuit where Apple alleged Samsung for infringing Apple’s smartphone patents. The series of trials that followed banned some older models of Samsung in 2013. Next year, however, the trial will be held for arriving at a settlement regarding the damages of the infringement.

What’s interesting is that though the judge ordered Samsung to an amount of $1.05 billion to Apple, however, it was later brought down to $600 million. Despite having a fierce competition in the smartphone market, both companies heavily depend on each other too for parts like processors, displays and manufacturing revenue.
The trial will be help from March and may extend till April. Analysts believe that putting this case behind peacefully will be beneficial for both the companies.

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