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Monday , June 21 2021
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Appreciate Working Woman!!

She is the one who is educated as much as you are, earning almost as much as you do, has dreams just like everyone has, who love her husband, kids and parents just like everyone, yes you going right, she is none other than a working woman.

Woman’s struggle starts when she enters a new life and turn to be a wife. She bravely agrees to leave her family, home, and especially her status (“single” till she gets married) and gets her huge welcome in new phase of life. Even she gets a change in her surname that gives her a new identity.

let’s pause for a moment and think again was it really easy for her? Her life journey does not end here only. From a girl to wife, journey passes through number of sacrifices, obligations, and efforts when every morning she wakes up. She is the one who is managing her kids, husband, and family as well as office simultaneously. She is always happy to do whatever asked to do. However, she is highly demoralized when gets no appreciation at the end of day.

She returns from office, puts her bag, immediately enters kitchen to make something good of your taste. She never complaints against her busy routine, never excuse for reasons, always ready to serve you. She is tired but still having smile for her kids and husband.

Get back in past, when she was supposed to live under walls. What bring her to confront with man? She is always capable of doing everything with strong dedications and hard work. Actually, what makes her so special is multitasking blessings by God. She is a mother who can read her child’s heart through a sense. She is a wife who can know her husband’s desire through unspoken words; she is a daughter who knows how to head down before parents. In every scenario, her self-management brings her to rule this business world where she became number one.

Let’s have a quick look at her work from morning to evening…..

Her day starts and ends with doing cooking for you. She is master-chef in your house and master-mind in office. She gives her the best in profession with always smile on face. She never regrets and repents for her duties. However, you don’t like her if she is too demanding.

If she gets late once in a while, you shout at her for the delay in meals. Have you ever asked her for the reason of getting home late? Actually, nobody cares for her. We all need to appreciate her for responsibilities she carrying along office. Many guys and kids do not understand this amazing creation of God who never tired of her duties.

From anything to everything, what she does for you is countless. The only message I want to convey here is “appreciate her”

Here are some ways how you can appreciate her!!

Appreciate her food that she cooked for you daily. It will make her feel glad about being master chef in kitchen.

Appreciate her dual responsibility in office and home. When she arrives home, give her a break and asked about her day at office. It’s very good if you can offer her a cup of tea at least. It would be the best if you help her in kitchen. When she can help you working out, you should also help her in kitchen. It will absolutely give her a balancing feel.

When it comes to compliments, she wants more…More and more!! You can give her compliments, alike to, you are looking nice, you are the most beautiful lady, you are the best wife, you are perfect to handle home and office, you are amazing, how you carry all stuff, we are nothing without your help, and you are the best mother!! It would boost her inner confidence.

Sometimes, our few lines melt her heart because she is very genuine, caring and kind-hearted for her family. Give her a few appreciations and you will get plenty in back. Simply put, encourage her through appreciations.

Thanks for reading:  I hope my attempt would not get wasted; I expect from all of you to appreciate your mother and wife at least one time a day.

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  1. Its wonderful words for people like me, to keep in mind to avoid silly mistakes in life so i can give some smile to her.

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