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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Productivity / Are you a good boss or amazing boss?

Are you a good boss or amazing boss?

Are you actually hitting the mark or people are just being modest when they say ‘you’re just amazing’.

If you are an amazing boss you really don’t need this, because you are already aware of the know-how of your work. Alright! Before I start giving all the critical comments over your being a boss, let’s have a pat-on-your back for being one. Because not everybody aspires and dares to be a boss! Being a boss is hard, being a good boss is harder and being an amazing boss is not everyone’s business.

If you are skeptical about how your employees feel about you, just see how anxious they are to meet you, hear your greetings and follow whatever you say. You will know!  Many organizations live and die with amazing bosses, because amazing bosses are rare to find. Here are a few traits that would clearly tell you about your being GOOD and being AMAZING with your people. See how you stack with these traits.

Good Boss: Clearly knows that it’s important to care and gratitude to his people.

Amazing boss: He instills deep sense of satisfaction and a strong sense of confidence in every individual present in the organization. He knows how to develop a sense of self-praise and satisfaction in the people, which overshadow every kind of incentive or any pat-on-the back.


Good Boss: Control the employees, get things done on time and never miss out on any deadlines.

Amazing boss: Never scribble the fine line between efficiency and efficacy. He knows that when it’s about efficacy, efficiency can be the greatest enemy ever. He empowers his employees with time and resources to think big. He has a broader perspective about ways of doing work and allows people to work their way. He understands “you have your way I have my way, for the common right way, it doesn’t exists”!


Good Boss: Encourages a sense of community in the environment and make room for everyone around.

Amazing Boss: Comprehends every employee wisely and puts the right one in the right place, thus making right room for right people. Because if anyone gets into a wrong bus, he’ll get off very quickly!


Good Boss: Takes employees in confidence by building trust.

Amazing Boss: Doesn’t create an atmosphere, but creates a family. A family where people succeed together and fail together! He ties people to the bond of loyalty with the company. He makes people celebrate the successes and improve over the failures together, so that when people come to work they don’t feel isolated.

Good Boss: Involve every senior and deserving employee in the discussions.

Amazing Boss: Involve everyone from a fresh employee to a senior in meetings and important discussions, and appreciate their suggestions. This way he instills confidence in learners as well as veterans. This motivates people to believe in their bosses and in their own selves.


Good Boss: Always find ways to create happiness at work.

Amazing boss: He is always in search of ways to implement ways that help employees gain self-satisfaction and happiness from the kind of work they do. When they’ll live their responsibilities well, they’ll be happy and motivated to come to work every day.


Good Boss: Never wastes time in unnecessary talking and focuses on work.

Amazing boss: Knows that too much work makes the environment boring and too much fun makes the organization less efficient. By drawing a fine line between fun and work he keeps himself and his employees contended. This way people never think of taking a break from work because he makes this work their passion.

Good Boss: Tries to solve every personal and professional level at management level.

Amazing Boss: Always believe that communication is the best way to solve problems. He listens to the individuals personally and tries to reach at a genuine conclusion. An unbiased and correct decision is a true mark of amazing boss and person.

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