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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Attaining flexible with Halasana: Instructions and Benefits!

Attaining flexible with Halasana: Instructions and Benefits!

The gift of flexibility is the greatest delight offered by the practice of yoga! Though most of the yoga asana are meant for the purpose of making a body flexible, some of them clearly promise a superior level of elasticity and bend-ability in the body.

Halasana is one such asana in yoga that strives to attain the best form of flexibility in the body, especially to set the spine in litheness! Derived from the Sanskrit word Hala, the term Halasana refers to the traditional plow that is generally used by the rural farmers for the agricultural purposes. Since body attains the posture of a plow, the asana derives inspiration from the flexible formation. The making of a flexible spine is the main focus of Halasana- nevertheless; it is also highly regarded for boosting alertness and activeness in a yoga practitioner.

7 Step Process of Doing Halasana:

  • Lie down in the Shavasana pose and concentrate on your breathing process while inhaling through nostrils.
  • Keep your palms at rest on the floors and slowly bend the knees, moving them towards the stomach. Follow the exhaling process while moving the stomach!
  • Start raising the legs slowly- it has to be in perpendicular to the floor. For balancing, you can use your hands by placing them below the hips.
  • Start bending with the waist; pull it backward till the time it reaches the floor. Also, try to keep your feet in sync and together.
  • Follow the rule of ‘straight posture’. Keep a check on the knees, legs, and back- they have to be straight in one line.
  • The breathing has to be controlled. It has to be slow and in sync with the body movements. Prefer breathing through nostrils and try holding the posture for a bit long.
  • Go slow with the reversing of asana.

The Various Benefits of Doing Halasana:

  • Muscles and Ligament Stretch:

    From calves to thighs and legs, every single muscle in your body (especially the lower half) will be stretched. So the kind of flexibility that you would like to see in your body is easy to attain through Halasana.

  • Provides natural relief from body strain and pain:

    especially for those who regularly suffer from issues like leg cramps, Halasana could be the best relief.

  • Highly effective for the blood flow:

    With Halasana, the abdominal area is contracted, resulting blood compression and release of toxins. With this, the abdominal area is supplied with the highly rich and oxygenated blood.

  • Boosting the digestive call:

    Since contraction takes place, Halasana helps in relieving the accumulated gas and promotes easy digestion.

  • Having an overall effect:

    Halasana is not just regarded for helping the body movement and flexibility but also positively affecting the throat, thyroid, lungs and parathyroid glands. In case a person is suffering from back pain, they are suggested to follow Halasana for relief.

  • Other benefits:

    From relieving stress and fatigue to strengthening shoulders and spine, Halasana is a complete delight in more than many ways.

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