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Monday , August 2 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Badhakonasana: The Perfect Pose of Happiness and Peace

Badhakonasana: The Perfect Pose of Happiness and Peace

The life of a butterfly resembles the best sense of transformation- how one thing leads to other and life changes for the self good!The similar essence of transformation and joy is shared by the ‘Badhakonasana’( similar to Butterfly pose in origin) in yoga that strives for parallel wholesomeness in life. In yoga, Badha denotes Bound and restrain, Kona resembles Angle and Asana means posture. Badhakonasana in totality means the way you carried your body during the practice of this asana i.e. to bound oneself together in a particular angle and forming the butterfly lookalike posture. The other name for Badhakonasana is cobbler pose that denotes the sitting posture of a cobbler. The fundamental benefit of doing Badhakonasana is to attain relaxation in body and mind via stretching the leg muscles.


Steps of doing Badhakonasana:

Step 1: Sit in a straight posture, and keep your spine erected.

Step 2: Bend the knees and close your feet in pelvis direction.

Step 3:touch the soles of your feet with each other.

Step 4:Hold your feet with your hands and support them.

Step 5: Go a step ahead and bring your feet towards genitals.

Step 6: Follow the deep breathing process.

Step 7: Flap your legs (just like the wing of a butterfly)

Step 8: Be easy in the start and then slowly and steadily, increase the pace.

Step 9: While flying higher, concentrate on your breathing.

Step 10: Keep your chin up, back straight and thighs closer to the floor.

Step 11: Say no to instant halts- go slow and make it gradual.

Step 12: With exhale, get gentle with the posture. Stretch inner thighs with ease.

The many benefits of doing Badhakonasana:

  • Muscles Stretch and Relaxation: Badhakonasana is considered to be fairly beneficial for the inner thighs, knees and groins. Needless to say, it makes the muscles flexible and moving.
  • Enables ease in Hip Movement: By inducing the best elements of flexibility in the hip region, Badhakonasana enables ease and reduces friction in movement.
  • Organ System Management: Badhakonasana is highly regarded for helping the intestines and bowel movement (controlling the weariness of muscles and tendons). It is a sureshot reward for stimulating the reproductive come digestive system.
  • Ideal Weight Management: Badhakonasana as a yoga asana helps in removing unnecessary fatigue. It best prepares the body for long hours standing and walking.
  • Comfortable Menstrual Cycle: Counter the menstrual discomfort with the help of Badhakonasana. The asana is also suggested for women who are facing menopause symptoms.
  • Blissful during Pregnancy: Doing Badhakonasana during pregnancy will ensure a smooth and comfortable delivery.
  • Counters stress and tiredness: bring your body, mind and soul at ease with the help of this peaceful asana. Become a great stretcher with Badhakonasana!


Most of the time, the beginners find it difficult to touch the knees on the floor. In case you are suffering from a similar uneasiness while practicing Badhakonasana, make sure to have adequate padding around your ankles. Avoid injuries, use a yoga mat, put towels under your thighs (during the initiate days of practice) and go slow. Avoid Badhakonasana if you are suffering from knees or groin injuries.

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