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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Balancing Career and Kids- Your take on life!

Balancing Career and Kids- Your take on life!

When your friends have babies and you have career—how do you choose to stay calm with the thought and get along smoothly? Not that wisely, right? That jumbled up look is totally understandable, because it’s difficult to put either of them at stake. Neither your career nor your kids!

Career is your dream and kids are your life—and undoubtedly 90% of the women choose the latter, by putting a simple logic of ‘If I don’t have a life, what are my dreams for’. Well, how about this—‘If you don’t dream, how can you sleep peacefully’. Compromising on your dreams can never lead to a peaceful life unless your dream is nothing more than a PEACEFUL LIFE. So we have something useful for all the lovely ladies reading this. Spend some time and have a good read through this post.  

Marry because you want, not because you should

‘I wish I would have done this before I was married and pregnant’ such statements are often heard from women for whom marriage was just another choice. If you are on the verge of doing something same—JUST DROP THE IDEA. Because you are going to regret it at some point of your life! If you are prepared for wedlock and are sure to balance your career—GO FOR IT.  

Be a rockstar at work

The idea is that as soon as you enter the starting stage of your career; make the most of it. This is the time you can learn more, grasp more energetically. With time you tend to become sedentary and less interested. Be a good employee there, so that by the time you get married and pregnant you earn some flexibility. So be a rockstar employee in the beginning, to earn your share of kindness.

Either lean in or wise up

Either you can give up and surrender to all the challenges life throw or you can get wiser. You must understand the difference between your being a girl and being a woman. You were young, energetic, had courage to win the world—and you did that amazingly. But now when you have much more to handle, you will have to change your priorities. It’s not like you should choose between work and kids, it’s just about making life a bit more organized.

Understand that you are no way a superhero

Okay! You can’t be a hero anyways, would super heroine be fine? Jokes apart. Simply put, this means that you can’t be everywhere every time. Sometimes you’ll miss the grand office dinner party and sometimes a Sunday with kids. But this is okay and you need to feel okay about this. Motherhood and a successful career needs  balance so don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Admit it: You are not meant for every job

Be true to yourself and make decisions that can make your life better and happier. If you really want a successful career with a successful motherhood, don’t join companies that aren’t flexible. There are jobs that need full time attention, but a mother cannot go for something like this. Go for opportunities that best suits your personal life and not just to your pockets.

Ask the right questions before joining any firm

Whenever you prepare for an interview, cracking the technical thing is the main focus. However you should never forget about the right kind of questions about the flexibility of the company, working environment, culture of the company and the pressure of work. This is the point where you can decide whether you want to go for it or not.


Lastly, always remember that you can have everything in life (at least in relation to kids and career) it’s just the kind of life choices you make. So don’t lean in, just wise up!  

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