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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Humor / Believe it or Not: Happiness is not Material!

Believe it or Not: Happiness is not Material!

One decade ago, Ms. Grey went on an exotic vacation with her family in the cheerfulness of Sydney! She bought her favorite Louis Vuitton bag while enjoying the trip with her husband and kids. But today, she could barely recall the musing of the bag. The most valuable experience down in her memory lane is the time that she has spent with the family- the experience that no material can replace!


Deep down inside, we all believe in the priceless possession of memories and experience earned over the course of time in life. But neither can we deny the truth of our material love (the love for little tangible things those are both priced and difficult to acquire). Personally speaking, there is no harm in the love for material because it does have the potential of bringing happiness in your life. However, the point of argument related to material love is the ‘duration of happiness’. Material happiness is not long lasting- it is temporary and short lived.

According to the recent study conducted at San Francisco State University, people who invest their time in earning experiences are far more satisfied than those who prefer buying a material object. Yet most of the people out there (including you and me) would prefer spending their earnings on material love. Our love for shoes, gadgets, jewelry, clothes, etc. is immense. May be it is because we can have a quick access to the material thing that are bought! For instance, feelings are not tangible- one cannot see it (but could barely feel it). But does it mean that tangible elements have more relevance than the intangible beauty? The study conducted at San Francisco State University reflects the failure of short-lived happiness over the treasure of long-term memories.
Believe it or not; happiness is much more than just materialistic love! Let’s have a look at some simple points that clearly reflect why ‘happy people’ invest more on experience and memories!

Because memories have everlasting appeal:

You are in love with your Smartphone- and why not, you wanted to buy it ever since it was launched! While the first few days with the Smartphone were a steaming affair, the next few weeks were a bit at a distance. You cannot feel the same love after first few months and after a year; you probably would like to call off the marriage between you and your Smartphone. It is still the same old Smartphone, but the truth that the market is now obsessed with new smarter devices is bothering you. Yes, material love has the same old tale. It is actually not love but just a timely infatuation that forced your love to the device. Contrary to this, an evening that you spend with your friends will remain in your love memories even after the moment is lived. The appeal is everlasting, and the inspiration is never-ending.

Because you can have ‘Plenty’ of material… still memories are ‘Countless’:

Going down the memory lane, a person cannot even spare a second thought in counting the number of memories posed! It is because the treasure of memories and experience is not bonded within a rigid set of numbers. Material is always bounded by the shackles of limit, but memories are countless. From the first gush of love to the gentle smile, dawdling kiss, first job, and a moment of nervous breakdown, everything or rather anything can be the part of our memory.

Because memories are both ‘shared’ and ‘mutual’:

memories are ‘Countless’
Self-pampering and self-love has no harm- to some extent, it is required too! But deep down inside, it also makes a person hollow and shallow from inside. This is the reason why researchers anticipate sharing an experience than purchasing a piece of short-lived material. During the course of experiencing things, a person enjoys sharing and connecting with other people. It is a unique manner of strengthening mutual relationships. No amount of material can make that happen for you!

It is true that we cannot completely avoid material, but making oneself insensitive towards things like experience, memories and feeling is absolutely uncalled. You have to choose the correct path of happiness. Happiness that remains right next to you for the longer duration of time has real worth!

About Prerna Kathait

Blessed with the power to weave words with thoughts, Prerna handles the writing department in her own way! She writes, she talks, and she never fails to inspire- beside, the immense love of gadgets that she shares is profound.

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