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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Fashion / Health & Fitness / Bending with Bhujangasana- The Cobra Pose in Yoga

Bending with Bhujangasana- The Cobra Pose in Yoga

Widely known as the sequence part of eminent yoga postures Padma Sadhana and Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Bhujangasana resembles a yogic pose of a serpent with a rising hood. The other name for Bhujangasana is Cobra Pose as Bhujang is the Sanskrit name of Snake. A lying bend towards the back with the head rising above and trunk resembling a cobra combines the art of Bhujangasana. It is general that we hardly spare a thought about the movement of our back muscles. This is the reason that eventually leads to medical complications like severe back aches, stooping, posture disorders, muscles weakening and slipped disks related issues. Ensure the best body movement with the aid of Bhujangasana!


The 10 Step Process of doing Bhujangasana

Step 1: Lie straight on your stomach, keep the toes flat and rest your head on the ground.

Step 2: Let your feet and heels touch each other and keep your legs closer.

Step 3: Put your palms down, right under your shoulder and parallel to the elbows.

Step 4: Follow deep breathing and rise slowly by lifting your head, chest and abdomen.

Step 5: Keep the navel intact with the floor.

Step 6: With the help of your hands, try pulling your torso in a backward direction.

Step 7: Try putting the right amount of pressure in both the arms.

Step 8: As you follow the curving of the vertebra, concentrate on your breathing.

Step 9: Keep the feet close, head backward, elbows straight and tilt deep.

Step 10: Breathe out with a smile on your face and rest your case back to the floor.

The Many Benefits of Doing Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)


Muscle Stretch: Relax your back muscles, shoulders and neck with the help of Bhujangasana and relieve them from unnecessary stress and undue strain.

Tones up the Organs: Bhujangasana is not just regarded for inducing flexibility in spine and muscles. It is also best for toning up organs like abdomen, digestive system, urinary system and reproductive organs.

Expansion of Chest: By far, Bhujangasana as a yoga pose has the best utility for chest expansion. It clears all the passages on the way to the heart and lungs.

Improves the Circulation of Blood: Enhance the flow, purity and circulation of your blood with the help of Bhujangasana.

Eradicates unnecessary Body Stress and Fatigue: Bhujangasana can bring your body at ease by eliminating the unwanted stress and fatigue. It is indeed the best way to ensure rest, comfort and action for the body at the same point in time.

Blissful for Controlling Respiratory Disorders: Following the merits of deep breathing, Bhujangasana is nothing but a heavenly bliss for asthma patients.

Overall Benefits: From strengthening the spine to soothing sciatica and circulating oxygen through pelvic regions, Bhujangasana is a delight in more than many ways.

In case you are pregnant or are suffering from medical complications like hernia, abdominal surgeries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and rib/wrist fracture then try avoiding Bhujangasana.

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