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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Body, Mind and Soul Relaxation with Savasana- The Corpse Asana in Yoga

Body, Mind and Soul Relaxation with Savasana- The Corpse Asana in Yoga

Ever wonder why sleeping is such a delight and necessity for human body? Stepping into the land of illusions, a deep sleep takes you to the peaceful ride of dreams and stress-free thoughts. It is everything that you need to do for keeping your body, mind and soul in ease!

Savasana i.e. the ‘Corpse Pose’is said to be the easiest yoga asana in existence. However, the actual challenge of doing Savasana is more mental than physical. So as far as mental strength is concerned, it wouldn’t be wrong to call Savasana as one of the most complicated yoga practice. Unlike most of the yoga asana, Savasana is recommended for daily practices- do it for about 30 minutes a day and get benefitted. Combined from the Sanskrit word ‘shava’ (means corpse or dead body), Savasana is widely known as the sleeping pose.


7 Step process of doing Savasana:

  1. Lie straight flat on your back, acquire the sleeping posture, keep your legs separate and relax.
  1. Rest your arms at the either sides with palms facing downward. Meanwhile, keep concentrating on your breathing.
  1. Close your eyes, breathing deep and profound using both the nostrils.
  1. Now start concentrating! Starting from your head to the toe, consciously power relaxation on each and every part of your body.
  1. Keep your head still and don’t move it. Savasana is for mind concentration!
  1. While breathing in, imbibe all the positive energies around you and breathe out all the negativity. Let go all your tension, stress and depression!
  1. Practice Savasana for at least 3 to 5 minutes. The ideal time frame for practicing Savasana is 30 minutes a day.

The Many Benefits of Practicing Savasana:

  • Brings body, mind and soul at ease: For the overall goodness of body, Savasana weaves the best delight of relaxation. Though most of the concentration is in the mind, it is true that Savasana relaxes the whole body in a unanimous way.
  • Release unwanted energies from the body: With Savasana, relax your body by releasing stress, fatigue, depression and tension away from the body.
  • Enhance the power to concentration: In case your find it difficult to develop concentration and focus, do Savasana for improving your lot.
  • Natural body benefits: It is said that with the help of Savasana, human body can relax the muscles, bringing mind to ease and calming the blood circulation.
  • Ailment treatment and benefits: Savasana is a highly regarded practice for patients suffering from diabetes, indigestion, constipation, asthma, and neurological problems.

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