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Saturday , July 31 2021
Home / Gadgets / Buying an iPhone 6S in India can be a Pricey Affair as Compared to Other Countries

Buying an iPhone 6S in India can be a Pricey Affair as Compared to Other Countries

Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 6S has finally become all set to arrive at Indian markets on Friday, October 16. However, the mammoth sized price tag attached to the iPhone 6S is making everyone wonder whether anyone will even buy it or not. The current price for the lowest storage model of the 6S is Rs 62,000 while the top model of the 6S Plus will cost Rs 92,000. Experts believe that these rates are way higher than the overseas rates seen in countries like Singapore, U.S., UK and Australia.

According to current price listings, a 16GB version of the iPhone 6S costs £540 in the UK while in the U.S. it costs $649 an people living in Australia have to shell out AU$1,079 for the same. On comparing those price tags with the ones tagged in India, people will have to pay $308 more than Americans, £80 more than those buying in UK and AU$231 more than Australians for the same model of 6S.


While the reasons for these exorbitant rates are unknown, however, there lies a high possibility Apple might not be able to sell as many handsets of their newly launched iPhone 6S in India as they expect especially when companies like Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus are competing aggressively with each other to entice the price-savvy user base of India. If you are looking forward to buy an iPhone 6S in India, make sure whether it’s worth all your hard earned or not especially when it is just a minimalistic upgrade from last year’s iPhone 6.

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