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Tuesday , August 3 2021
Home / Latest posts / Cobbler’s Daughter Runs Barefoot in Inter-School Race, Wins Gold

Cobbler’s Daughter Runs Barefoot in Inter-School Race, Wins Gold

A daughter of a man who works with shoes all day yet she cannot afford the running spikes. However, her feat has taught a lesson to everyone that it’s not about materialistic things but more about talent and the will to do something. 14-year-old Sayali Mhaishune studies in RM Bhatt High School, Mumbai and ran 3,000 metres barefoot to win the event at an inter-school athletic competition.

While Sayali struggled to cope up with the heat in the blazing afternoon so as to run barefoot, her father, Mangesh, sat in his shop and was busy mending shoes. Mangesh started the day knowing it would just be another usual busy day; however, Sayali made the entire day a special one for the family by winning gold in the U-17 category.

However, it’s not that Mangesh wasn’t excited about it. Back at his shop, he was unable to hide his joy and excitement by knowing that his daughter will share ground with some of the best athletes from other schools.
Closing the shop, however, to see her 14-year old daughter run in the race was not an option for him as one day without work could seriously cripple their monthly income which is between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 10,000.


Sayali won gold by completing the race in just 12:27.8 seconds. She was trained to run barefoot at Naigaon’s Police Ground track. After her colossal win, Sayali is trying to explore new avenues of income while associating her passion of running. According to her, running in mini marathons for prize money will definitely help to reduce her family’s financial stress. As of now, however, it’s a moment of sudden joy in Mangesh’s hard life.

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