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Thursday , June 24 2021
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Color Physiology

Color Physiology

There is a surety that colors and our lives are inextricably linked in one or other ways. Colors and people are complementary angles of a triangle that is life. There are several reasons why colors influence how we feel and reflect us towards a different mood. We react on multiple levels of association with colors — there are social or culture levels as well as personal relationships with particular colors, says color physiology.



Which is your Favorite color?









let’s check out what your favorite color exhibit about.

How do colors affect mood?

•    Red can boost our energy

•    Yellow makes people feel happier

•    Blue can bring down blood pressure and slow down anger

•    Black reveals boldness and gives you confidence.

•    White shows you have well-balanced and optimistic personality with a calm attitude.

•    Blue inspires you to maintain loyalty with everyone.

•    Purple heightens your interests and aspirations.

•    Brown inspires you to be honest and down-to-earth person.


Which qualities do colors communicate?

•    Blue shows depth, peace, super-neutrality and creativity

•    Green defines nature, stillness and well-being

•    White defines harmony, silence, truth and cleanliness

•    Black shows grief, darkness and strange

•    Red defines glow, boldness, action, vitality and confidence

•    Brown defines solidness, reliability and versatility

•    Yellow shows warmth, wisdom, joy, excitement and happiness

How do colors have cultural significance?

•    Purple is the color of mourning in Thailand, however, in western culture it is associated with royalty, luxury and wealth.

•    Black is a color of mourning in western cultures

•    White is the color of mourning in India

•    Red in western countries represents danger, love and passion. It is a color of good luck in China and a color of mourning in South Africa.

•    Yellow is a symbol of courage in Japan, mourning in Egypt and hope in the West.

How do colors have political association?

•    Red-labor

•    Blue- Conservation

•    Yellow- liberal Democrats

•    Green-The green party

•    Red-Socialism

How Religions are linked to colors?

•    Green is Holy color of Islam

•    Yellow represents Judaism

•    Blue represents Hinduism

•    White is linked to peace in many religions

How age effect color preferences?

•    Red, Yellow and orange are preferred by children because these have high wavelength. As you get aged, starts liking colors having shorter wavelength like blue, green and purple.

•    Blue and red are liked by youngsters at most.

•    Brown and green are the colors preferred by old age people.

 •    Black or white are chosen by film-stars. Black is the symbol of exposure whereas white sets royalty.

We grow in multicolored surroundings where colors brush-up our memories. That is why people use to get their room walls colored in a different ways; you feel anxious in a yellow room. Weight-lifters tend to pull more weight in blue gyms.

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