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Tuesday , July 27 2021
Home / Latest posts / Comcast is Testing an Unlimited Internet Data Plan

Comcast is Testing an Unlimited Internet Data Plan

If you are amongst those who burn lots of data in downloading and streaming videos then Comcast’s future endeavours might just suit you. Currently, the company is trying to devise an unlimited data plan for users which will cost just $30 more for one month. Presently, Comcast is undoubtedly the biggest Internet provider in U.S.A and its broadband connection generally costs $34.99 and $54.99 depending upon the speed.

Through Xfinity Internet, Comcast rolled out usage-based billing for its users in a few cities back in 2012. However, from October 1, customers in those areas which include; the Keys, Fort Lauderdale and Miami will get an option to opt for Comcast’s flat-rate plan so as to avoid the overhead charges. According to the company, usage-based billing is turning out profitable not just for the company but for the users as well and if all goes well then they will implement it in the entire nation in the coming few years.

Florida’s customers who will soon switch to Comcast’s unlimited data option currently pay $10 for every 50GB if their limit exceeds 300GB. In a private survey done by Comcast, 60 percent customers of Florida showed interest when they were asked whether they would be happy if they have to pay a bigger flat rate so as to get unlimited data. However, only 8 percent customers exceed their limit of 300GB.

Comcast also says that the Xfinity users will be able to find out online the eligibility condition for the unlimited data trial along with their per-month usage.

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