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Thursday , June 24 2021
Home / Latest posts / Congratulations Karnataka for Introducing the 1st Smokeless Village in India

Congratulations Karnataka for Introducing the 1st Smokeless Village in India

The pumping beats, the heavy throat and the blowing lungs with firewood- it’s all painful, unhealthy and unavoidable for those who are managing their livelihood in rural areas. While the world in 21st century is stepping pace with technology, major rural divisions in India are still managing their lives through primitive means. But in this scenario, Thanks to Karnataka for lightening the little ‘Ray of Hope’!

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Introducing India’s first smokeless village ‘Vyachakurahalli’, Karnataka became the first state in India to revolutionize daily lifestyle of using firewood. The unhealthy traditional habit is no more a part of Vyachakurahalli as the village has now won the tag of being India’s only ‘smokeless’ village. It is notable that the traditional practice of using firewood is a harmful practice as it releases air filled with carbon, causing cough and other respiratory disorders.

How Lifestyle has changed in Vyachakurahalli over the years!

Until last week, cooking was nothing but a hectic torment for the people of Vyachakurahalli. But the much awaited transition from traditional fuel to LPG has changed the face of the entire situation. Vyachakurahalli that shares the residential abode of 274 households belongs to the Chikkaballapur District of Gauribidanur Takul. Every household in this village is now equipped with the treasure of LPG connections.

Backing the conscious effort of better livelihood, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) took the mission of ‘Smokeless Village’ Project here in Vyachakurahalli. The mission is planning to cover the 77km radius from Bengaluru. With the help of this initiative, every household in Vyachakurahalli is now backed with steel gas stoves and red cylinders. As per Moti Sayi Vasudevan, the general manager for smokeless village initiative at IOC, the basic idea behind this effort was to restore and redeem women’s health. It is notable that most of the women in the district are suffering from respiratory and lung-related disorders like pneumonia. In lieu to this, the revolutionary idea of introducing smokeless village is nothing but a great effort.

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