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Monday , June 21 2021
Home / Way of Life / Health / Cooking- An excellent stress relieving therapy!

Cooking- An excellent stress relieving therapy!

Cooking- An excellent stress relieving therapy!
Cooking isn’t something that everybody enjoys doing, but there are many evidences that indicate cooking is a great stress buster. It heals the mind and makes you feel good about yourself.

According to a report printed in “The Wall Street Journal”, medical professionals and therapists in United States of America recommend joining cooking and baking classes to get relief from mental stress and depression.

Why cooking is great stress relieving therapy?

  • Food based counseling is considered as one of the most beneficial therapies after talking therapy. Most of the psychiatrists use cooking therapy to raise self esteem and confidence levels among patients.
  • It has also been revealed that those who at least cook a meal in a day are away from mental stress and depression. When you are in kitchen, there is no scope for thinking about other things, one need to focus on the dish he or she is preparing.
  • A treatment center in Bethlehem assist teenagers in getting rid of depression through cooking sessions. The two hour sessions help them in focusing on other things rather than on stuff that make them feel stressed and depressed.
  • Mentioned below are some of the points that will make you familiar with benefits of cooking sessions for relieving stress and depression.

  • Aromatherapy
    For cooking food, we need to make use of varied herbs and spices that have positive and beneficial effect on the mind. Ingredients such as mint, basil, lavender, lemon and chamomile can change your mood and make you feel relaxed and stress free.
  • Food items that reduce stress!
    According to a study published in the journal of agricultural and food chemistry, eating dark chocolates really help in bringing down level of stress hormones in the body. Other food items that really help in reducing stress are walnuts, turkey, almonds, spinach and sweet potatoes.
  • The Zen of cooking!
    If you cook food, you can easily reach to this state of meditation. You are in the area where you need to cut, grind and sauté varied food items. In simple words, what all matters is the food not anything else. It is good to throw way all the worries and just focus on one thing that is food.

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